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10 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs Data Loss Prevention

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Protecting your confidential information and data comes with challenges. It is not always the technology that is the cause. Sometimes, the employees are conscious of security. But there is a chance that an email by mistake gets delivered to some address where it should not be. Thus, human mistakes are likely. To the rescue, we have a solution: Data Loss Prevention (DLP Solutions).

Data Loss Prevention or DLP is an approach to guarantee no leakage of any sensitive information. The term DLP usually describes the software that the network supervisor runs. That admin takes control of information and data that the end-users are allowed to transfer from their systems. The DLP is active where the data is stored, moved, or used.

List of Best DLP Software 

There are numerous DLP software solutions available in the market. The companies use those solutions as per their requirements. Some of the best DLP solutions providers are:

1. Endpoint Protector by Cososys

Endpoint Protection by CoSoSys is a leading endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) security software. Endpoint Protector is an advanced all-in-one multi-os DLP solution for Windows, macOS, and Linux computers. This security software ends unintentional data leaks, data theft, and control of portable data storage devices. It helps to achieve data compliance with data protection regulations such as HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, or PCI DSS. This Data Leak Prevention software has features like Device Control, Content and Context Aware Protection, eDiscovery, and Enforced Encryption functionalities.

2. InDefend

Data Resolve is a Delhi-based data security company that provides DLP solutions named inDefend. This software helps enterprises secure their data and detect any strange behavior of the workforce’s employees. The Data Resolve software provides features like:

  • Data Leakage Protection so that the data may not get compromised by the company’s employees.
  • Employee Productivity Monitoring: to keep track of each employee’s efficiency. This helps in making improvements.
  • Employee Behaviour Monitoring: to keep a check on the data in use by the employee. This helps in checking and detecting any abnormal behavior.
  • Alert generation through emails and SMS whenever there is some strange incident.
  • Compatible with all kinds of devices, like mobiles, desktops, and laptops.

3. Soti

Soti is a DLP provider company that provides DLP solutions. It is available for Android and iOS.  This DLP provides security from risks in the corporate environment. Some of the critical features of this DLP are:

  • Controlled distribution and access to the content through which the IT staff can handle and allow users to download files.
  • Filters are available for an easy search and display of the files.
  • Locking of the local content if some device is not enrolled anymore or the company employee leaves the job.

4. Seqrite DLP

Seqrite is a cybersecurity company that deals with cybersecurity services and solutions. It has the backtrack of Quick-Heal and works to provide digital security. It aims at providing better protection to the devices. This way, one can enjoy the freedom of shopping and paying online. The features and services that Seqrite delivers include:

  • Pre-defined keywords so that the transfer of data can be controlled by the IT staff.
  • Scanning of local files or drives that contain sensitive data.
  • Monitoring of different applications like Messengers, web browsers, etc.
  • Checking and monitoring confidential data like information on payment cards.
  • Allows exclusion of internal domains, some specified locations, and essential applications.
  • Generation of notifications via email if there is any violation of DLP policy.

5. McAfee DLP

McAfee is an American company that develops software for the security of computer systems. In February 2011, Intel purchased the company. Since then, McAfee has been a part of the Intel Security System. The McAfee DLP suite has many features that help secure the data against leakage and theft.

  • It has a feature by which the IT staff can visualize the usage and leakage of data wherever happening.
  • It can classify the data into less and most important as soon as it enters the system.
  • If there is any violation of the DLP policy, it can lock and quarantine the data which is under threat.

Top 10 reasons why a business should use DLP Software Solution

The increasing cases of data breaches are somehow putting every computer system at risk. In such cases, it becomes essential for businesses and enterprises to make their data secure more than ever. Not only this, there are many reasons why businesses need to install a DLP.

  • For storage of confidential data and setting up of policies to keep it secure
  • Protection from intruders and saving the data used for nefarious purposes.
  • Improving Compliance by properly organizing sensitive customer data.
  • Prevention of data misuse by checking the data transfer through removable devices.
  • Monitoring the employee conduct so that there is no sensitive data transfer
  • Secure sensitive information like credit and debit card numbers for security against fraud.
  • To meet the security requirements of any business, which, if not met, can lead to a fine.
  • To prevent any accidental exposure to some other computer system.
  • To be certain about the encryption of the data.
  • Enhancing the reputation of the company by keeping the data secure.


Looking at the increasing cybercrime cases, it becomes essential for every business to get hands-on with a DLP. Using DLP, administrators can control the passing on of sensitive data. One can choose the DLP of their choice according to their business preferences. It will help in securing the data as well as improving the reputation of the company. Wroffy Technologies is the leading DLP Solution Provider that has partnered up with DLP brands like Safetica, Endpoint Protector, Seqrite, Data Resolve, Soti, and McAfee to help enterprises protect their critical data. One can get access to DLP Solutions with proper installation and licenses.

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