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3 Ways to prevent data breaches in your organization

Data breaches keep on plaguing organizations across all enterprises. Data breaches happen when hackers access your organizations’ information and sensitive data. These breaches are unquestionably expensive. In 2020 during the pandemic period, it turned out to be considerably more imperative to sort out some way to forestall these data breach situations, with a considerable part of the business employees switching to work from home.

There are some high-level safety precautions you can take to stop a data breach. However, these practices for stopping a data breach can only lessen the danger and help respond to an attack all the more effectively.

  • Monitor where you collect, store, transmit, or process sensitive information in your organization.
  • Human and machines act as an access point in your organization; identify the users who have access to your sensitive information.
  • Devices associate to your network utilizing a communication endpoint called ports. Hackers search for these unsafe ports to access your organization’s information. Therefore, manage all the devices that interact with sensitive data in your organization.
  • Assess the individuals, devices, and locations that store, collects, and transmit sensitive information.
  • Analyze risk using qualitative and quantitative approaches to prevent the impact of data breaches.
  • Set Controls to check how a potential hacker may acquire unapproved access to your organization’s sensitive information.
  • Establish an IT security policy that includes risk analysis and risk tolerance policies to reduce the data breach risks.
  • Limit user access to ensure that the workers can only access the essential data to take care of their work responsibilities.
  • Enable multi-factor authentication to stop hackers from using the stolen password by asking them to use more than one password.
  • Encrypt the data format at rest and in transit so even if cybercriminals get access to your organization’s data, it will be incomprehensible for them.

Even after following all these preventive measures, organizations still face chances of a data breach that costs heavily on the company’s revenue. The expanding risk of exposure, unauthorized admittance into trusted business zone leave many businesses exposed to data breaches, malware, and ransomware attacks by cybercriminals.

Besides investing in updating privacy policies and following the best management practices to avoid data breaches, organizations should also use Digital Risk Protection to access, identify and stop data breach situations more efficiently.

  1. Data Leak Protection: The DLP technology involves management services, cloud functionality, and advanced threat protection. It prevents data breaches by establishing access policies while maintaining productivity for employees, PCs, and office staff to implement system security. It also stops information leakage through all conceivable exit points like a clipboard, screenshots, USBs, and platforms like Microsoft Outlook, Skype, and Dropbox. It scans and identifies the sensitive information at the endpoint level on Windows, macOS, and Linux PCs to stop data breaches and guarantees compliance with guidelines like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and others.
  2. Firewalls: Firewalls give security against outside digital attacks by protecting your PC or network from malicious or unwanted network traffic. Firewalls can likewise stop pernicious software from getting to your PC or organization through the web. Firewalls can be configured to block information from specific network areas, applications, or ports while permitting essential and relevant information through it.
  3. Endpoint Security: Organizations’ endpoint security has become more complex as they’ve compounded the remote work and Bring Your Own Device policies, making the internal security increasingly insufficient and vulnerable. Endpoint security systems protect the endpoints of end-user devices like PCs, laptops, and mobile phones on a network or in the cloud from hackers. Endpoint protection systems are intended to rapidly identify, analyze, block, and stop cyberattacks in progress.

As more organizations encourage their workers to work from any place or device, data breach protection is rapidly emerging from optional to must-have. In the past Data Breach protection was related to complicated arrangements and inescapable functional management issues, but now with the evolution of Digital Data protection techniques, the execution of the protection process has become more efficient.

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We perceive that there is a deficiency in security talent and our experts’ team at Wroffy Technologies is here to fill that gap. Our global security experts’ team will assist you in making sure that the sensitive information doesn’t leave your association. Wroffy Technologies provides cloud-based data prevention solutions with an unmatched platform, expertise, and a reliable approach for Business security.  Wroffy is the solution for merging DLP, endpoint protection, UEBA (user and entity behavior analysis), and EDR to protect data from outside dangers. Our DLP solution eliminates the requirement for extra agents and a control center for EDR and UEBA.

Our team at Wroffy will completely manage your data security requirements and assist you with the smooth installation process.

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