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Helping business search, compare, and buy the right software with confidence.

About Wroffy Technologies

Helping business to discover & buy the best Technology and Software to grow their business.

Founded in 2017, Wroffy is a digital marketplace for IT services and solutions, catering to businesses worldwide. We serve as a one-stop destination for all business requirements, ranging from workstations to software and marketing solutions. Our primary objective is to address the IT service and digital transformation needs of startups and MSMEs, enabling them to thrive in the digital realm.

Wroffy also works with large corporates, public-sector companies, and enterprises to migrate their legacy IT infrastructure to the Cloud and ensure that they get the maximum return on their investments.

Our visionary directors, Deepesh Bachhish, Sachin Chauhan & Deepika Nahar started this organization with a friendly & professional approach and a passion for delivering the best technology and expertise to customers and we really do go that extra mile whenever it is required.

With 10+ years of experience in delivering IT services, Marketing solutions and Software licensing services, we are providing the expertise that every business require to grow. Wroffy offers a technology vision as well as segment-specific architectures for building a network infrastructure that will meet your needs today and tomorrow. Wroffy provides architecture road maps to help you build a more resilient, adaptive and intelligent network infrastructure.

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We are a trusted partner of our customers and offer the highest quality solutions & services at the lowest prices. Wroffy invest strongly in our ambitious team to provide you with professional advice regarding the products we offer.

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About Wroffy®

Wroffy® is a leading provider of end-to-end business software, hardware, and cloud technology solutions. It enables startups and businesses to digital transformations using technology-driven services. It also helps you buy business software online so that businesses can modernize their workplace and migrate critical workloads on public clouds while optimizing the cloud assets and licensing in parallel.


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