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Best Practices for Scheduling and Starting Meetings in Microsoft Teams

One big change that the Covid 19 pandemic had brought upon the business world is the practice of working from home. With this practice we have all come to the realization that the proper utilization of internet would help us run business more efficiently. We can collaborate with more people effortlessly from anywhere by using amazing video conferencing software like Microsoft Teams.

More and more businesses are using Microsoft Teams to start a meeting with co-workers or to give a presentation to clients. With Microsoft Teams you can share your screen with up to 300 people in a single meeting. Also, if you want to organize a webinar for an even larger audience, there is a Teams extension option available called Live Events that can include up to 10,000 people at a time in a meeting.

There are some rules and practices you can follow to get the most out of Teams meetings. In this blog, we will discuss all the practices that will elevate your video meeting experience in Microsoft Teams.

Best practices for a seamless video meeting experience in Microsoft Teams:

  • Turn off participants’ mics and cameras:

To avoid disturbing noises during the meeting you can restrict the participants from accessing their mics and cameras. Turn off participants’ mics and cameras to avoid distractions when someone is giving an important presentation. This also helps in improving video quality. Also, if you are hosting the meeting, you can mute participants’ mics and cameras after joining by selecting the “Disable mic for attendees” or “Disable camera for attendees” option from the ‘participants’ button on the toolbar.

  • Use live captions:

While scheduling meetings in Microsoft Teams, you can use its live caption feature so that all you attendees get a better grip of what the speakers are discussing. Live captions offer transparency while conducting meetings. In case there is a poor connection, or someone is not fluent in the language you are using, they can understand the speech from the live transcription feature that converts speech into words spontaneously. Also, you can get hold of the complete transcription even after the meeting from the calendar. Attendees can also download the transcription later.

  • Share screen during meeting:

You can share screen from any app in the meeting with your attendees. For example, if you need to share an Excel sheet, you can share only that screen without displaying your whole desktop. Thus, speakers now can protect their privacy while going online with many others. For it could be really embarrassing if you are trying to share information in the meeting while you also have a mail or calendar open.

  • Record the meeting:

Microsoft Teams gives the facility to record meetings with full audio, video, and screen-sharing moments so that attendees can visit meetings later. It’s perfectly normal occurrence that individuals could miss an important detail that has been discussed in the meeting. Now they can use the recordings to view the meeting whenever they want.

  • Background decoration feature:

During the meeting now participants can decorate their backgrounds with its background effect feature. Even if you are attending the meeting from a disorganized space, you can leverage the AI generative background effect feature to show up in the meeting in your best professional look. Decorating background includes features like- cleaning up clutter or adding new images such as plants to a wall for a more aesthetic look. You can avail background decorating feature with Teams Premium license.

  • Intelligent recap:

Intelligent recap is one of the latest features that you can use after the meeting to view the meeting summary. The summary will give you a personalized timeline where you can find intricate details such as- when you joined or left the meeting, when your name has popped up and at which point the screens have been shared. The timeline lets you browse the recording using the name of the speakers, chapters, or topics.

  • Audio and video controls:

Teams meetings have now become seamless with the invention of audio and video fly-outs. You will find the camera or mic directly from the audio and video fly-outs. The audio flyout offers useful features like suppressing annoying noises, adjusting volume, and spatial audio option. The camera flyout gives you the option to choose your background during the meeting in case you have forgotten to choose it before the meeting. Users can adjust their brightness and focus accordingly or use avatars in meetings directly from the camera fly out.

  • Microsoft Mesh:

It’s the latest invention that has been included in the Microsoft Teams Meetings. Mesh gives you a 3D experience that will make you feel like you are collaborating with them in person. Now online meetings have become much more interesting where co-workers feel like they are making face to face connections. 3D experience provides a feeling of togetherness. It elevates your overall engagement and performance. More engagement means participants will ask more questions or chat freely during the meeting, as if they are all in the same room. Moreover, spatial audio as well as audio zones offer you the chance to maintain simultaneous conversations within subgroups without overlapping with each other.

  • View 9 videos (3×3) during Teams meetings:

Now participants can view up to 9 videos from Chrome and Edge during the meeting on Microsoft Teams.

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