dropbox business gsuite

Dropbox Business announces G Suite integration : Create & edit Google Docs within Dropbox

Dropbox  & Google might be competitors when it comes to cloud storage, but that doesn’t mean the two companies can’t get along. Dropbox recently has announced At Google Cloud Next ’19, the new feature that lets its Dropbox business users work with G Suite Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides within Dropbox. The Dropbox G Suite integration is currently in open beta, brings the best of the two cloud & online collaboration services together, with Dropbox business handling the file management [...]

buy coreldraw graphics suite 2019

Why should you upgrade to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 ?

Are you using older version of CorelDRAW ? Well you might have heard that CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 has released will more new features. Corel has come up with Upgrade Protection program which lets you upgrade your old versions to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 just by paying few bucks. Below are is the list of top reasons you should upgrade to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 : More precision and control in your documents Work faster, smarter and with more [...]

g suite alternatives

Alternatives of G Suite – Google Apps for Work

Are you looking for G Suite Alternatives ? You are at right place. G Suite has the largest market coverage in terms of its usage & adoption in the world and since many years G Suite price were not increased by Google. You might have also heard that Google is increasing the price of its office collaboration and communication product G Suite - Google apps for work. G Suite also know as Google Apps for Work is a leading could [...]

gsuite vs office365 vs zoho

G Suite vs Office 365 vs Zoho – Comparing Productivity Apps for Small Businesses

Whether you’re running a small business, a startup, a freelancer or a large enterprise, finding a best and cost effective productivity and collaboration solutions can be challenging. Well today there are lot of cloud-based office productivity solutions that can be access across any device, anywhere, at any time. These cloud based productivity apps help organizations save time and money on software and IT operational costs while increasing work productivity & efficiency. Managing cloud based office productivity software for a [...]

enterprise security solutions

What Enterprise Security Solutions does your business need?

Whether you’re running a small business, a startup, a freelancer or a large enterprise, your business face threats on many fronts, and the more users, devices, and business applications you add, the more vulnerable your infrastructure becomes. Below are the IT Security solutions to prevent data breaches and address security issues quickly. Types of Enterprise Security Solutions you need : Risk and compliance management : Companies needs to concern themselves with IT regulatory compliance, risk management, and IT security auditing. For [...]

enterprise mobility management

Seqrite launches MobiSMART and mSuite Cloud Based EMM

Seqrite, an enterprise security arm of Quick Heal Technologies, announced MobiSMART and mSuite Cloud Based Enterprise Mobility Management solutions as part of their enterprise security portfolio. Seqrite EMM solutions enables IT teams to remotely manage and schedule a security scan on enrolled mobile devices to identify threats, risks and infections with anti-malware capabilities. Joint Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer, Quick Heal Technologies, Sanjay Katkar said, “Mobiles are now a big part of every businesses that operate today, but they [...]

ibm notes to gsuite migration

How to Migrate from IBM Notes to G Suite ?

If you are looking for Migration from IMB Notes to G Suite then you are at right place. GSMIN used to be known as Google Apps Migration for IBM Notes (GAMIN) and Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes (GAMLN). G Suite Migration for IBM Notes (GSMIN) tool helps you migrate data from IBM Notes to your G Suite account. The process of migration provides a easy way to transfer mail, calendar, contact and mail data. However, if you have the [...]

office 2019

Microsoft released Office 2019 But Urges Customers Not to Buy It

Yes ! You heard right. Microsoft recently launched office 2019 standalone version but Microsoft’s attitude towards Office 2019 standalone version has been downright hostile. Microsoft urges customers to not buy Office 2019 standalone and prefer office 365 because Office 365 is superior. Microsoft corporate vice president Jared Spataro explains, “There’s a lot of difference between the Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2019. Office 365 plans includes fully installed Office applications which includes the latest versions of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. [...]

dlink exo router series

D-Link launched Exo Router Series along with McAfee Protection

D-Link launched Exo Router Series along with McAfee Protection at Consumer Electronics Show 2019. Consisting of Mesh-Enabled Smart Wi-Fi Routers and D Link Extenders, Exo router series provides value-added, premium features that make its range of products superior to average household networking devices. D-Link introduced their Exo router series in 2016. Since then, the old wifi router form factor with middle-of-the-road specifications has become a mid-range router product for all networking equipment provider. D-Link is announcing a new line of [...]

Benefits of Computer AMC

Benefits of Computer AMC

Can you imagine your business running without Technology ? Without using computers, internet, firewall ? In the present scenario, computers and IT peripherals have become such an important part of life that a few seconds of downtime can result in a huge loss in terms of productivity. A sudden system breakdown can be catastrophic. It seems that it’s impossible to manage without their presence. Our computers and their parts comes with warranty period. After that warranty period expires, you [...]