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Coles to use Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology to modernize workflow

Coles, one of the largest supermarket chains in Australia has announced a new partnership with Cloud platform provider Microsoft Azure cloud to improve workflow, business operations, and customer experience. Coles has over 800 locations nationwide. Giving tough competition to Woolworths (almost 1,000 locations) for the top position and both have started innovating in recent years with newer IT technology to reduce their work costs and retain customers with the rise in popularity of Aldi and the looming threat of technology giant Amazon.

Australia based supermarket giant said “This strategic partnership builds on our long-standing relationship with Microsoft and will enable the Smarter Selling pillar of our strategy through efficiency and pace of change,” Coles’ Roger Sniezek told Yahoo! Finance’s Lucy Dean. “The Azure-based Enterprise Data Platform will allow us to execute advanced analytics and artificial intelligence across all areas of our business at extreme scale.”

The implementation of Microsoft Cloud Azure technologies is expected to streamline the workflow within stores in addition to improving customer shopping data and reducing overhead. With $1 billion cost cutting strategy just last month, it’s safe to assume that this new partnership with Microsoft is partially financially motivated.

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