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Comparison between Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365

Google Workspace Vs Microsoft 365
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Microsoft and Google both provide software for businesses on a subscription basis. These programs include conferencing, document editing tools, online collaboration, and much more. The previous name for Google Workspace was G Suite. Office 365 was the previous name for Microsoft 365. Many customers have been confused by renaming features and products. In the early 2000s, Microsoft reigned, but Google began to provide products in 2006 and later introduced new capabilities, beginning with Gmail and Gmail for Business. As a consequence, Microsoft and Google emerged as the market’s two significant providers of office suites in the 2010s. The competition between G Suite and Office 365 changed to between Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

Which should you choose: Google Workspace or Microsoft 365? Administrators and users considering which vendor to select for email solutions and other apps frequently have this issue in mind. The distinctions between Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are described here.

Microsoft Word vs. Google Docs

Microsoft Word: Using this Microsoft 365 tool, you can convert documents to web pages. With only one press, it provides a real-time translating feature. You may read and change the documents added to the email using this program. Word now provides collaboration features comparable to Google Docs.

Google Docs: You may format text and phrases using Google Docs, an online tool. There are many different typefaces and features available. These templates for document writing are available in this Google Workspace application. This program enables you to create and edit files from any location at any time.

Microsoft Excel vs. Google Sheets

Microsoft Excel: Excel is an application that is well-known for making insightful corporate spreadsheets. The strongest and most comprehensive choice is this spreadsheet program. This Microsoft program has sophisticated formatting and scripting capabilities for macro analysis. It allows the execution of more complicated programs straight from the Excel interface.

Google Sheets: Spreadsheet software is available in Google Sheets. You may do simple mathematical operations and keep track of contacts with this spreadsheet program. Additionally, you can discuss spreadsheet changes in the built-in chat window of this Google Workspace app, which facilitates real-time collaboration. Google Sheets has incredibly robust features when it comes to pivot tables and business information.

Microsoft PowerPoint vs. Google Slides

Microsoft PowerPoint: Microsoft created the presentation tool PowerPoint. You may use this presentation tool to make a slide show with significant data. Additionally, this presentation tool provides formatting and styling options with various beautiful pre-built templates. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter all have powerful media integration in PowerPoint. You can use any video files that have been included in the presentation for offline presentations.

Google Slides: A cloud-based web tool comparable to PowerPoint is called Slides. It does not, however, provide the same selection of templates and functionality. The style and use of this Google Workspace application are both relatively simple. It has fewer capabilities than PowerPoint and does not support as much creativity. Additionally, you need a network connection to create and present presentations with incorporated web videos.

Microsoft 365 Business vs. Google Workspace

Microsoft 365 Business: This is Microsoft’s email service for businesses. On all of their business plans, it provides users with 5,000 emails per day and 50 GB of email hosting. This cap is provided independently of the entire cloud storage. This implies that OneDrive never has to make room for email attachments. You are unable to use all of your cloud storage for email, though.

Google Workspace: This tool for business email services offers 30 GB of storage and aids in setting up the email address on your company’s web domain. You may utilize Gmail’s features at the same time. You can share files bigger than that straight from Google Drive and email attachments up to 25MB. You may do this to send a maximum of 2,000 emails each day.

Microsoft Teams/ Business Skype vs. Google Meet

Skype for Business: With this web conferencing tool, you may hold a free online conference call for up to 50 individuals. It also offers video chat and voice calls between computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Additionally, it allows for both video as well as audio recording. Your coworkers have access to your presentations.

Microsoft Teams: The Microsoft 365 package includes Microsoft Teams. You can work with your team more effectively with this tool. Additionally, it enables you to interact with students, staff, and professional communities all in one location. Additionally, you can share your screen with other users using this productivity software.

Google Meet: Google Meet is a user-friendly, no-cost mobile and web app. You may set up an online conference based on your professional and private needs. You may create and attend meetings from the online version of Gmail with the aid of this Google Workspace Software.

OneDrive vs. Google Drive

OneDrive: OneDrive storage for the Microsoft 365 Business or Enterprise package ranges from 1 TB to 6 TB.

Google Workspace: The Google Workspace Enterprise subscription includes unlimited cloud storage.


Microsoft 365: The Microsoft 365 pricing structure is as follows:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic: This is Microsoft Office’s entry-level package. You receive a business email with this plan, 1TB of OneDrive for Business storage spaces, and web-only editions of PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and Outlook. You must pay $5 per user/month for this plan.
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard: This package includes the most recent versions of Office desktop programs as well as the cloud capabilities from the two previous Business plans. Small business capabilities like Microsoft Invoicing and Outlook Customer Manager are also included in this Microsoft 365 subscription. This plan costs $12.50 per month per user.
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium: All desktop applications and cloud services are included in this Microsoft 365 subscription. Advanced Threat Protection security and data access control are other features of this system. You will pay $12.50 per user/per month for this plan.
  • Microsoft 365 Apps: Smaller businesses utilizing Microsoft Office but not requiring Microsoft’s business email should choose the Microsoft 365 Apps package. This plan provides access to the entire Click-to-Run library of desktop applications in addition to an initial limit of 1TB of OneDrive for Business storage for each user. However, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams are excluded from this Microsoft 365 plan. You must pay $8 per user/month for this plan.

Google Workspace: You may choose from four levels of Google Workspace based on your company’s needs.

The Google Workspace price options are as follows:

  • Business Starter: Each user of this plan receives 30 GB of shared storage throughout Gmail and Drive. Cloud Search, App Maker (custom business apps), and Vault (data retention and eDiscovery for Google Workspace) are all missing. Your monthly cost for this basic plan is $6 per user.
  • Business Standard: This plan and the Business Starter plan are pretty similar. Instead of the starting plan’s 30 GB of storage, it provides 2 TB. The video meetings that are part of this business plan may potentially be recorded. This plan has a monthly user fee of $12.
  • Business Plus: This top-tier business package provides each user with 5 TB of storage. Additional tools like video meetings, attendance monitoring, Cloud Search Vault, and developing apps are also added in this Google Workspace version. You will pay $18 per user each month for this plan.
  • Enterprise: This is Google’s most sophisticated plan. Similar benefits to those in the Business Plus plan are offered by this one, but each user gets unlimited storage. It provides cutting-edge video meeting capabilities, including live in-domain streaming and noise cancellation. You must speak with Google’s sales staff in order to buy this package.

Which productivity suite—Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365—is the best?

Most files or documents may be synchronized with other programs thanks to the synchronization features of Google Workspace and Google Workspace offline. Users may also utilize Google Workspace on their browser’s IP address to help them synchronize their time with other programs. It is the market leader since it is one of the most well-known and well-used platforms available. Microsoft preserves its history by consistently optimizing Microsoft 365.

Google Workspace is a well-designed, practical, and clean platform. It is simple to use and contains capabilities that are comparable to those in Microsoft 365. But it is simple. In this comparison, Microsoft 365 is the undisputed winner for any company searching for a robust, feature-rich, professional, and configurable software suite on the market.

As a Microsoft Gold partner, Wroffy has assisted hundreds of organizations and many people in migrating to Microsoft 365 and has seen the enormous transformation that their clients have through. In order to adapt to market developments more quickly and provide value to customers, Microsoft 365 has increased productivity and increased organizational agility. Whether your digital transformation aims to engage consumers, empower staff, improve operations, or develop new products, Wroffy helps you choose the framework and solution that best suits your particular company requirements.

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