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Dropbox Business

File sharing and cloud storage solution – Securely Sync, store, access and share your important business files, with Dropbox Business, available from Wroffy.

Over 150,000 companies around the world trust Dropbox Business Cloud Storage to securely sync and share their files. With a easy to use admin console to empower IT and simple sharing & collaboration tools to increase business productivity, Buy Dropbox for Business that enables teams to do their best work. Check out the Dropbox Business Features.

Dropbox Business makes your work easy, with a central place to share & access files.

Dropbox Business is a cloud-based powerful collaboration platform that allows employees to share & access their files anytime, anywhere. Dropbox is a cloud based central place for all your files where devices connected to your dropbox can easily access & share the files in it. You can also share specific folders with colleagues or customers. In practice you simply have an extra folder on your laptop or computer (like ‘My Docs’). What you put in this folder is shared to your personal devices. Any shared folders in your dropbox are shared instantly to the people you shared it with.


Dropbox Business helps your organization grow without any limits, while you maintain complete control over company data and user activity. Choose from any from the three plans by Dropbox Business to meet your business needs.

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See why 300K leading companies use Dropbox Business

With Over 300,000 plus businesses already trust Dropbox Business to securely store, sync and share their important files. With a sophisticated admin console to empower IT and cloud collaboration tools to increase work productivity, Dropbox Business enables these business to do their best work.

The best sharing and cloud storage solution for your business


INR / user / Year
  • 3 TB of space for secure storage
  • Easy-to-use sharing and collaboration tools
Starting at 3 Users


INR / user / Year
  • As much space as your team needs
  • Sophisticated control and security features
Starting at 3 Users


INR / user / Year
  • Customisable solutions
  • Individualised support to help admins manage at scale
Starting at 3 Users
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call  +91 979797-0004 or email

Wroffy is an Dropbox Reseller in India

Buy Dropbox for Business – Wroffy Technologies is a Dropbox reseller in India & APAC. Over 150,000 companies around the world trust Dropbox Business Cloud Storage to securely sync and share their files.
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