G Suite - Transfer Domain via Token


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Steps to get your G Suite transfer token

  • Go to www.admin.google.com/TransferToken. Sign in with your domain’s administrator username and password.
  • The page automatically generates a token.
  • Give the token’s alphanumeric code to Wroffy’s G Suite Sales Team via this form, so that the transfer can be completed.


  • Transfer tokens expire 14 days after being generated.
  • Once the transfer is completed by Wroffy Technologies, your transferred account becomes a new subscription, and we bill you instead of Google, thereby helping you avoid international payments.
  • The new G Suite subscription is an Annual Plan, and renews in one year.
  • The effects of the transfer depend on your previous commitment to Google Apps.


  • Once you requested for a G Suite Transfer, Our G Suite sales team will raise an invoice with a online payment link. Once the payment is realized, Wroffy Technologies will execute the transfer process and subsequently inform you.


A G Suite user is defined as one personalized email address (you@yourcompany). Group email address aliases such as info@yourcompany and support@yourcompany are included in G Suite pricing and don’t count as additional users.

Different G Suite pricing will be applicable depending on the customer's country & the number of users. Below are the  G Suite prices applicable for customers based on their country. Being a G Suite Reseller in India, Wroffy provides you a discounted G Suite Pricing.

  • India - Rs. 210 per account per month

Wroffy will provide you great discounts on G Suite Pricing - G Suite Basic, G Suite Business & G Suite Enterprise if you purchase for higher tenure and quantity.

Yes, you can transfer your existing G Suite account to Wroffy. but the existing tenure with the other provider will not move to us.

Being a G Suite Partner in India, Wroffy provides the G Suite plans at best pricing with the additional advantage of managing all your web based services under one roof.

Yes, you can use the IMAP or POP mail protocol to configure G Suite Gmail on email clients. If you’re switching to G Suite from Microsoft Exchange you can use G Suite Sync. Wroffy can help you in Migrating to G Suite from Office 365 with Cloud Migration Service.

Get started with a free G Suite 30 day trial or contact G Suite sales. After the free trial ends, you can pay by making a manual payment to Wroffy’s bank account through NetBanking or credit card in India. Contact our G Suite sales team at +91 9650715971 or 9560839666 or yo can mail us at info@wroffy.com

G Suite Flexible Plan – You can add and delete users at anytime and pay for the service used during that month. You will be billed monthly.

G Suite Annual Plan – You commit to Wroffy for a full year service and get a G Suite Pricing at discounted rate. You can add more users, but can’t delete users during that year without charge. You’re billed annually at ₹1300/user/year

We do not offer Money-Back Guarantee on G suite Basic, G Suite Business & G Suite Enterprise plans.

Yes, we will provide you free premier G Suite support depending on the issue. Wroffy provides free support for G Suite Basic plan, for G Suite Business and G Suite enterprise depending on the issue.

To transfer the G Suite management of your account to Wroffy, we need a transfer token. To get your transfer token: admin.google.com/TransferToken Sign In with your username and password copy the token’s alphanumeric code and share G Suite Token with us.

Try G Suite free trial for 30 days. Call G Suite Sales Specialist +91 9560839666

Wroffy is G Suite Partner India & Trusted G Suite Reseller

As a Authorized G Suite Reseller in India, we are experts at managing and deploying large G Suite deployments of thousands of users across multiple Locations & helped a range of SME’s find the perfect G Suite business emailing solutions they need in the cloud.

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