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Data Storage & Backup Solutions

Wroffy offers data storage solutions and backup solutions with high-performance protection. From network attached storage to cloud storage. Wroffy carry the most trusted brands in the industry, such as WD, Segate, Qnap, and Syology to provide the best data storage and backup solution available in the market.

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Wroffy offers a wide range of data storage solution to fit any mid market or enterprise organization.

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Are you looking for better, efficient and secure, data storage and backup solutions? Whether on premises or in the cloud, securely storing and backing up your business data is very essential to protect your day-to-day business operations. Digital Data is expected to grow 800% over the next five years. Wroffy understand the increasing demand of data storage and backup, and help clients optimize their data storage environment to balance the cost and other constraints with capacity, performance, and availability.


Wroffy help you find the right data storage and backup solution according to your business needs and within your budget. Our highly skilled team of data storage experts will ensure that you get the best data storage and backup solution for both your current and future data storage needs, ensuring that your business applications run effectively & securely.

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call  +91 979797-0004 or email
call  +91 979797-0004 or email

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Explore our range of data storage solutions and backup products including Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Network Attached Storage (NAS), Hard drives and Storage Attached Network (SAN).

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