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Our Managed IT services for Construction companies are specifically designed to support the technological needs. Keeping construction projects on schedule is a challenging process which requires coordination between contractors, project managers, architects suppliers and customers because construction companies operate from the field mainly and may run several jobs at one time, also they have a unique set of requirements. You need the latest IT technology to stay on schedule, but managing your IT infrastructure is very time-consuming and expensive. Wroffy Technologies is positioned to provide IT Support & services to Construction companies, from the basic to complex IT support that are geared towards construction companies like yours.

Managed IT Services for your Construction Industry

Let us handle the procurement of new hardware, software license, and other critical IT equipment at discounted prices.
We can assess your cloud computing needs and can migrate your workloads to any cloud environment. We are Azure, and AWS Partners.
Our data backup and recovery solutions will modernize your data protection and increase productivity & performance.
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You Build the Structures while we take on the Technology.

Wroffy has been providing Managed IT Support & services to builders and construction companies in Delhi NCR & across India. We know the technology tools that construction industry rely on every day which lets them address IT challenges and install or update their IT systems. Whether the need is to set up a IT system from the beginning, or to update and provide data protection solutions to eliminate security breaches and loss of data, Wroffy is available to take the worry out of dealing with crucial IT challenges and to ensure the smooth functioning.

Our Construction IT Services Include:

  • Advanced IT Support: Wroffy delivers the IT products and Managed IT services that most construction company require to run their businesses, including firewall, desktop and server support, file servers, technology vendors, email services, backup & data storage, and disaster recovery.
  • Remote Access: If you’re having any issue with your firewall, network, server, or any device. With remote access technology, we can gain entry to your network and your devices and fix the issues.
  • Cloud technology support: Cloud services are among the most popular construction IT services we offer, as they provide the access to powerful processing and data storage technologies that keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Virtual Private Networks: Wroffy understand that constructions companies needs to access to their files anytime, anywhere, as well as the ability to utilize communication & collaboration tools and other mobile technologies in real time.
  • Provide backup solutions: Wroffy establish power backup systems that will provide for both the security of sensitive data as well as to access that information.

Benefits of our Managed IT Services

You Manage the Structures, while we Take on the Technology. We help construction services company reduce the cost of IT Infrastructure by our Managed IT services & boost productivity and efficiency while protecting your organization from costly errors.

      • Cloud solutions
      • Help desk support
      • Disaster recovery
      • Software installation, updates & management
      • Strengthen security against viruses & hackers
      • Desktop & network monitoring
      • Reduced time spent on IT
      • Email encryption
      • Ensure applications operate smoothly

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Wroffy is an award winning Microsoft Certified Silver Partner

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we are experts at managing and deploying Microsoft Products & Services. Our network solutions help you protect your data, increase productivity.

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