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Introducing Sophos MDR for Microsoft Defender

In the 21st century, everything has been launched so far, and we are provided with all the solutions on how to use and protect our software from cyberthreats. But still, many organizations that own small businesses or start-ups still think about how they can secure their software in a proper manner.

According to recent research, it was found that there are still 52% of Leaders who say that cyberthreats are now too developed, whereas 71% of security teams are still stressed about determining which security alerts to explore. If we discuss it statistically, the median threat response time is 16 hours, which is too long for the attackers to operate.

Introducing Sophos MDR for Microsoft Defender

Keeping in mind the concerns of all the business owners and leaders all over the world. The Sophos MDR for Microsoft Defender has come into existence. To protect your Microsoft 24/7, there are 500 Sophos analysts who monitor, investigate, and respond to Microsoft Security Alerts. It takes immediate action to stop any unsafe cyber threat.

Now that you must be wondering what features it has and what things it can do to protect your software, here are the following things that it can do for you:

Can Detect Advanced Threats quickly.

24/7 Expert – led threat response: It can quickly stop and terminate the threats that are likely to occur.

Merges with non-Microsoft security tools: It merges with the other non-Microsoft security tools, and it can quickly check the entire environment.

Quick investigation and Response:

Sophos Microsoft can quickly access the threats, and this software cannot be matched with the other Microsoft tools. and it signals the full Microsoft Security Suite and includes:

  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Microsoft Defender for cloud
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft 365

Sophos MDR for Microsoft Defender differs from Microsoft Security Solutions, and the main difference is that Microsoft Security Solutions include threat detection for firewalls, email security tools, public cloud security tools, and NDR platforms. And on the other hand, Sophos MDR for Microsoft Defender can detect threats from Microsoft, Sophos, and many other providers.

R stands for Response into MDR for Microsoft Defender

The full form of MDR is the most robust managed detection and response service for Microsoft Defender. It means that when some suspicious activity is detected, a quick action and response are taken, and Sophos MDR for Microsoft can do the following things:

  • It disables the user account.
  • Terminates the process going on.
  • Forces another user to log off.
  • Use host-based firewall IP blocks.

MDR has solution to your Problems:

In the beginning of this blog, we discussed how cyberthreats are becoming more advanced these days, leading to more dangerous problems for organizations. But MDR for Microsoft Defender has a solution. According to the research, it was found that the median threat response was 16 hours, but with quick investigation, the MDR responded within 38 Minutes, which indicates that it is 96% faster than the industry benchmark.  Not only this, but Sophos has employed more than 500 detection and response experts.

Why choose Sophos MDR for Microsoft Defender?

There are many benefits to using Sophos MDR for Microsoft Defender, and some of the major benefits are:

Reduces Operating costs.

Easy to manage and report.

24/7 service

Quick threat detection


Wroffy Technologies is a loyal Sophos reseller in India. We always help our clients by providing them with the best IT security solutions as per their organization’s needs. Sophos protects your software from known and unknown malware, trojans, spam, ransomware, and other advanced threats.

You can purchase Sophos and Endpoint security solutions at a reasonable price from registered dealers, partners, and resellers like Wroffy Technologies with remote and on-site installation support.

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