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LogMeIn Central: Best Remote Access Solution for SMBs

LogMeIn Central
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LogMeIn Central is an endpoint management solution that assists IT professionals in monitoring, managing, and securing their company’s endpoint infrastructure, including desktops, servers, and laptops. Whether you have remote employees or endpoints all over the world, LogMeIn Central gives IT departments the speed, flexibility, and information they need to boost productivity, cut IT expenses, and decrease risk. Users can use any Android or iOS device to remotely deploy and automate standard IT procedures for any PC or Mac. Computer grouping, remote deployment, user management, antivirus protection, and computer health monitoring are its important features. Small and medium businesses (SMBs) popularly employ LogMeIn Central remote desktop software. It can, however, be used in a variety of sectors and corporate tasks.

Benefits of using LogMeIn Central:

  1. Along with tools for automating standard processes like scripting and patch management, IT organizations may achieve the speed, flexibility, and insight they need to boost productivity, lower IT costs, and decrease risk.
  2. Reduce site visits by remotely installing installation packages and deploying LogMeIn hosts on every system in the IT environment using LogMeIn Central.
  3. LogMeIn Central gives remote access for instant support to any PC or Mac from anywhere, whether an organization has remote employees or endpoints all over the world.
  4. LogMeIn helps evaluate account activity and audit endpoint security and create advanced reports on CPU utilization, software, inventory, and other variables.
  5. With LogMeIn Central, you can push repeated, silent software updates to end-users straight from the LogMeIn dashboard.

Features of LogMeIn Central:

  1. Carry out a Remote Control Session.

Remote Control provides 99.9% uptime and allows you to safely and simply access computers and servers from any computer or mobile device in any place by supporting multiple monitors and prioritizing security through screen blanking and computer locking.

  1. Form Computer Groups.

Computer Grouping assists you in visually organizing your endpoints on the Computers page and applying updates, reporting, and defining permissions on distinct groups of computers.

  1. Create a Host Preference Package.

You can mass-manage several PCs simultaneously with a Host Preference Package to configure security and preference settings. Assign one package to each computer to customize LogMeIn Central to meet your organization’s needs. Host Preference Packages also lock down an endpoint’s settings, preventing local users or administrators from changing LogMeIn’s settings.

  1. Manage and Add Users

User Management allows you to organize all of your users while maintaining high-security requirements by having one log-in per user. Furthermore, by granting access to specific users for specified features or devices, you can reduce the possibility of an accident and patch a security breach. You can limit the machines your customer can remotely access to their own computer or computers in their environment using User Management.

  1. Remotely Access a Computer

Background Access allows you to diagnose and perform preventative maintenance on the LogMeIn website or Client App without disrupting the end-user. Background Access is an effective tool for troubleshooting problems and assisting workers.

  1. Create a LogMeIn Antivirus Policy with Bitdefender

You can centrally configure LogMeIn Antivirus to match the needs of your organization or users by implementing policies. Policies help you provision your antivirus requirements efficiently, from scheduling scans to restricting folders and disabling USB storage devices.

  1. Update Windows or an application.

To avoid cybercriminals exploiting known vulnerabilities, it is essential to make sure that your endpoints are patched with the newest versions of Windows or third-party applications. You can use Central to rapidly discover outdated Windows or insecure third-party applications and automatically apply patches to keep your software up to date and secure.

  1. Create a One2Many script

One2Many enables you to conduct operations on all of your computers at the same time. Making adjustments throughout your whole infrastructure will save your team valuable time and resources.

  1. Make an Alert Packet

Create customized alert packages to stay on top of your endpoint infrastructure and avoid downtime. You can set alerts for things like CPU utilization, software inventory, offline/online, and service alerts in each package.

  1. Get Custom Report

Report Viewer will help you get a better picture of your IT infrastructure and provide much-needed insight into your devices and LogMeIn account. Reporting can help you remain ahead of the game, from determining when to update your hardware to troubleshooting machine issues.

Pros and Cons of using LogMeIn Central

The LogMeIn remote device management system has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


  • Asset management, hardware and software inventories, and advanced reporting can all be done from a centralized location.
  • Improve security, quickly detect what software is installed on any remote workstation, and take immediate action in the event of an emergency.
  • Automation of regular tasks leads to increased productivity and better resource allocation. This is done using PowerShell scripting and the command line.
  • Updates for Windows and third-party programs protect endpoint infrastructure.
  • Create real-time proactive notifications to help you make smarter business decisions.
  • Add new policies for access control, auto blank a monitor, and other settings and changes to computers.


  • Does not work with a Desktop – Chrome book and Linux.
  • Requires a steady internet connection to work.


LogMeIn Central remote control software for IT solutions is ideal for SMBs. It has simple features that are tailored according to their budget and needs. It’s also easy to get started and streamline the management of all IT assets. Employees’ workload is also reduced by using this remote control software. Customers will be satisfied with the LogMeIn central remote support, and employees will be able to focus on more essential tasks as a result.

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