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MDM Solution for Any Device, Endpoint and Business Need

Have you ever imagined your life without mobile phones? Obviously, you can’t. Isn’t it?  Yes, because it is impossible, as every now and then we need our phone for some purpose. In the last few years, remote work has been largely adapted in India by many companies, and mobile devices have become a vital part of organizations, which helps increase the productivity and efficiency. Many businesses provide mobile devices or tablets to their employees, and the mobile devices contain delicate data about the organization that can be easily hacked by an unknown person. For this reason, managing mobile devices by the IT Department has become necessary.  

MDM allows IT Administrators to regulate, protect, and implement policies on smartphones, tablets, and other endpoints. It includes broad functions like managing the software application, inventory, policy, security, and services for mobile and other devices. 

With MDM software, the IT Department can manage and monitor all the company’s devices regardless of their type or operating system.  

How MDM works?  

Let us know How MDM works. MDM depends on endpoint software known as MDM Agent and MDM Server, which are available in the cloud. It is not software, but it uses software, and which is installed on the device to allow its functionality and combines with the backend services of the organization’s network, such as information access, log – in details, and data transfer.  MDM solutions decrease the risks that are linked with managing business tasks on mobile devices, including bring your own device and organization smart phones. MDM tools allow organizations to manage, monitor, and even clean the device data in case of theft or loss.  

Components of MDM Tools:  

Various components of MDM Tools are:  

  • Device Tracking  

All the devices that are issued by the organization include GPS Tracking and other programs. And this program helps the IT professionals monitor, revise, and investigate the device in real time. This tool can easily detect and inform about high-risk and other unknown devices.  

  • Mobile management  

Mobile device management solutions are controlled by The IT department, which manages the mobile devices of its employees. These departments make sure that every device includes applications for productivity, security, data protection, backup, and restoration.  

  • IAM  

IAM means identity and access management; it permits an organization to manage the user identity linked with a device. User access can be controlled by an organization with various features such as multi-factor authentication and role-based access.  

  • End point security 

It includes all the devices in an organization’s network, like wearables and IOT. It must also include standard network security tools such as cloud security, Anti-virus software, URL filtering, and many more.  

Advantages of MDM:  

There are many advantages of using MDM. Let us discuss in detail about each of the advantages: 

  • Increases Productivity and efficiency:   

When MDM is installed on the personal mobile device, it can prevent employees from using social media during working hours, and when the employees are not distracted by social media, it will increase their productivity and efficiency at work. 

  • Remote management: 

MDM is a remote device management system, and all the devices that are connected to this server can be updated, rebuilt, and managed remotely. 

  • Secure: 

It is a secure system as it can easily detect the threats that are likely to happen, and data threats are nightmares for an organization. Mobile devices are always at risk, and one cannot grab a cybercriminal.  MDM secures the devices with an extra protection layer, thus helping a lot in keeping the data safe.  

  • Cost-effective: 

In case the event that data gets lost; it can lead to extraordinary expenses for the company. But if all the devices of the organization are secured, then there is no need for the organization to incur an extra cost. Thus, MDM saves money. 

  • Support BYOD: 

Most organizations support bring your own device. This makes an employee happy and productive, as they are working on their own device. With this feature, the employer learns about what the employees are doing and how productive they are at work. Employer comes to know what all the employees do. Thus, using MDM, organizations can protect their data without creating any hindrance to the user experience.  

Best Practices of MDM:  

Enforce the policies:  

Before you get started with an MDM solution, do not forget to enforce the policies related to it. Set the appropriate policies to meet the business and technical needs of the organization.  

Develop self-service facilities: 

It is important to develop self-service with MDM solutions. Self-Service facilities can be like resetting a password or finding a lost device. 

Keep MDM updated:  

No one forgets to update their mobile phone software in the same manner that MDM should be updated to avoid any threat. If your BYOD remains outdated, then there are chances that a threat is likely to happen at any time.  

Secure end-user privacy:  

Organizations should protect employee privacy by controlling the data collection, and IT should enable the feature, which will eliminate the risk of misusing one’s personal information.   

Give training to employees:  

Organizations should conduct training programs for their employees on how to secure their own personal devices and organizational devices. It must cover all the points to remember that are necessary for employees to know, such as what happens when the data gets lost.  

Capabilities of MDM:  

  • Assess Management  
  • Risk Management  
  • Profile management  
  • Data protection 
  • IAM 
  • Content management  
  • Technical support  

Buy MDM Solutions from Wroffy –  

So far in this article, we have read about what MDM is, how it works, its components, and how useful they are for an organization. After reading all the advantages, you must decide that no matter how small or large a business one handles. It is crucial for all to purchase the MDM; the most important benefit is that it is a mobile device management remote control.  

There are various resellers in India who provide you with the best MDM solutions, and among them all, one of the most renowned is Wroffy Technologies, which offers the following software that is built with the features of MDM: We provide Microsoft Intune to manage, access, and protect apps and devices.  

Do not fear adapting to new technologies that ease business and your employee’s work. We know your time is precious. Thus, we are here to save your time, and we recommend you implement this remote device management software, which will increase the productivity of employees.   

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