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Mobile Device Management
Solution for a Modern

Mobile device management Solution that lets you efficiently manage multiple device types & give you the fundamental visibility and controls needed to secure, manage, and monitor any corporate­ or employee­-owned mobile device or desktop that accesses business critical data.

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MDM Solution for Any Device, Endpoint and Business Need

Every one of us is aware of the ongoing cyberthreats these days, no matter if your business owns a mobile phone or a laptop. An MDM Solution is the best solution that can protect your devices from cyber threats, and Wroffy’s MDM Software gives you insight and security into any corporateowned or bring your own device (BYOD) end point running on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows 11.   




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Mobile Device Management

MDM or mobile device management software that provides business with required visibility, manageability and control company owned and byod enrolled devices.


Businesses these days use Mobile Device Management software to secure employee personal devices so it can be used to store business data and applications. Mobile Device Management solution helps in managing corporate owned and personal devices, largely in terms of usage and security. MDM Software tracks essential information about each device, and control which applications can be installed, and remotely secures mobile devices in case it is lost or stolen. MDM Software also has features that can also track mobile device geographical location.


MDM is largely used by businesses, as it helps them protect their devices from cyberthreats. Companies can manage and control corporate-owned and BYOD-enrolled devices. 

Mobile device management solutions are used by businesses to protect the delicate data and applications of the organization on employee’s personal devices. MDM Software has the capability to track important information about each device, and it also keeps control over which applications can be installed or not. In case of theft or loss, it also remotely secures your mobile devices, and this is because of an inbuilt feature of Device tracking it has. 

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If you have not purchased the MDM solution till now and your employees own a personal device on which business data and documents are stored, then it’s a high time to get alert and act immediately by purchasing the MDM Solution from Wroffy. MDM has certain amazing features for controlling your device remotely, which will help you manage company owned and private owned devices  

Modern Mobile Device Management Solution, simplified.

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