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Microsoft 365 Migration

Transform the way you run your business. Migrate to the Microsoft 365 cloud with Wroffy’s M365 migration services. Move to the cloud securely, seamlessly, on time, and on budget. We at Wroffy provide professional Microsoft 365 migration support services to organization of all sizes in India. If you are planning to move to M365 cloud solutions, our experienced cloud migration team will help you smoothly migrate your emails to Microsoft 365 from legacy platform without any downtime. Let our team of dedicated and trained cloud migration professionals manage the migration process for you so all you have to do is sit back and focus on your business and enjoy running your business on Microsoft 365.

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Why choose Wroffy as your Migration Consultant ?

We are migration services provider and support Microsoft 365 migration from any legacy provider be it Google Workspace, Rediff, Zimbra, Zoho, hosting Webmail or any other mail services provider.

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Google Wordspace to M365

Migrate from Google Workspace to M365.

Exchange Online Plans

Exchange to M365

Migrate from Exchange to M365.

migrate from zimbra to office 365

Zimbra to M365

Migrate from Zimbra to M365.


Rediffmail to M365

Migrate from Rediffmail to M365.

IBM Lotus Notes to M365

Migrate from IBM Lotus Notes/HCL Domino to M365.

yahoomail to office 365

Yahoo Mail to M365

Migrate from Yahoo Small Business to M365.

migrate from zoho to office365

Zoho to M365

Migrate from Zoho Workplace to M365.

migrate from webmail to office 365

Webmail to M365

Migrate from any Webmail to M365.

Roundcube to M365

Migrate from Roundcube webmail to M365.

business mailbox

IMAP Mailbox to M365

Migrate from IMAP Mailbox to M365.

Microsoft Office 365

M365 Tenant to Tenant

Migrate from M365 to M365 Tenants.

thirdparty mailbox to office 365 migration

Third Party to M365

Migrate from any Third Party Mailbox to M365.

On-premise email servers are quiet costly which also require on-going maintenance, dedicated IT professional and are vulnerable to data loss incidents. Microsoft 365 is an cost effective cloud based subscription solution that makes for great flexibility and low costs that small, medium and large organizations can benefit from. Wroffy migrates your mailboxes from on-premises or cloud environments to M365 Securely. Wroffy handles mail migration for organizations of any size with zero user downtime. Whether you wish to migrate Google Workspace to M365, Zimbra to M365 or from any other on premises or cloud service provider, we will perform the migration with zero downtime.

Wroffy is a leading Microsoft Certified Partner and migration services provider who has assisted thousands of Indian business with migrations to Microsoft 365. From email migrations to email support, administration, and licensing management, we can help you migrating to Microsoft 365 needs while keeping your budget in mind. Our in house team of Microsoft 365 Certified Professionals will streamline the transition to Microsoft 365 allowing your business to benefit from Microsoft’s fastest growing business productivity suite product.

We offer M365 migration consulting service, with over thousands of cloud users migrated with 100% success. When migrating to M365 it is important to securely migrate emails and data and provide a seamless cutover. Being one of the leading M365 migration consultants in the India, we will help you migrate to M365 with a planned process using industry’s best practices that will forever transform the way you do business. Our Microsoft 365 Migration Solutions enable you to migrate seamlessly to M365 – on time, within budget and with minimal downtime to your business.

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Why Migrate to Microsoft 365?

Wroffy offers comprehensive Microsoft 365 email migration services to help organizations smoothly transit to Microsoft 365 from any legancy provider, be it on-premises, cloud or hybrid. Reduce your IT infrastructure cost by moving to Microsoft 365, we help our customers through the entire email migration process and ensure that the migrations happened smoothly and meets collaboration expectations of all user groups.

Migrating to M365 is an important decision for organizations those who want to rebuild their IT infrastructure and change their approach to software management.  Although migrating to M365 is not a easy task, provided the scalability & features it involves, the resources and business productivity tools it provides and the user-friendliness accompanied by the user management opportunities and 24/7 customer support, M365 truly emerges as a best and cheaper long-term cloud based office productivity suite for startups, agencies, SMEs and enterprises.

Moving to Microsoft 365 can be very beneficial as Microsoft cloud-based service M365 will help your business processes and communication networks operates smoothly without having in-depth IT knowledge. It will automate your software licensing efforts and keep your entire IT infrastructure updated and optimized in real-time, so your employees can focus on their work to cornerstone projects instead of worrying about maintenance,  servers, infrastructure issues and downtime.

Benefits of Migrating to Microsoft 365

For any company, big or small,major concern is to keep operations costs as low without compromising the workflow; maintaining transparency throughout the project life cycle and delivering high-quality results on time. Microsoft 365 is a cloud based office productivity solution that makes all of this possible.

For Small Business

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Immunity from Disasters

Microsoft has architected a resilient environment to maintain their uptime SLA (99.9%) as your data isn’t stored on in-house system and is thus immune to any local crashes and disaster. Keeping your data on cloud makes your business immune to such scenarios.

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Data Security

Microsoft 365 is protected via Microsoft Azure Rights Management and has a built-in security system, you can see who has access to your data, also you can remotely manage your data in case you lost your portable device like a tablet or a smartphone.

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Offline mode

With Microsoft 365 for business, you don’t have to be connected to the Internet. Access your files and emails while working remotely as files are being stored and synced in your metadata, so you will be able to access your files even when you are not online.

microsoft teams

Easy Collaboration

Whether you are running a SME or large enterprise, working in teams and collaboration among co-workers should be your top priorities. With Skype, Microsoft Team, and SharePoint make the real-time collaboration possible. Your employees can contribute by making changes to your docs.

OneDrive for business

Ample of Space

Microsoft has architected a resilient environment to maintain their uptime SLA (99.9%) as your data isn’t stored on in-house system and is thus immune to any local crashes and disaster. Keeping your data on cloud makes your business immune to such scenarios.

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Scalable and Flexible

Office 365 is scalable as it has flexible monthly & yearly billing plans that allow you to increase or decrease the number of users according to your needs as your business grows. You can take care of your financials with no unplanned investments and software costs, as you have predictable monthly costs.

For Large Enterprises

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Complete Office Suite

Microsoft 365 comes with all the latest Office applications for each user who is able to install Office on 5 Macs and PCs, 5 different tablets (Windows, iPad, and Android), and 5 smartphones.

microsoft teams

Video Conferencing

Host online audio/video meetings via one-click screen sharing and HD video conferencing. Dial-in capabilities on all your devices allow access to online conferencing even in areas with no Internet connection.

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Collaboration & Teamwork

Microsoft Teams connects all your teams and provide access to chat, documents, teammates and office tools so you can easily assign new tasks, track old ones and access work-related resources.

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Advanced Security

Access to documents and email restricted to specific people, which prevents other from accessing your important data. Encryption and data loss prevention feature so your content is always safe across all Microsoft 365 platforms.

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Advanced Control

Enterprise-class business email allows you access to Outlook that features 50 GB mailbox per user, attachment size up to 150 MB. Archiving & retention, unlimited storage, data loss prevention (DLP) and policies for additional compliance enforcement.

power bi

Analytics Tools

Business & enterprises who wants to visualize and analyze data with the help of interactive reports and live reports dashboards can benefit greatly from using Microsoft MyAnalytics and Power BI Pro.

Integrate with other Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft 365 cloud solution integrates with other Microsoft solutions very smoothly, which has been a frequently asked point by enterprises when they considering moving toM365 cloud. Once we’ve migrated you to M365, we can help you integrate your new M365 deployment with other Microsoft cloud or on-premises applications. M365’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 is among the most used. Integration allows the users of Dynamics CRM, ERP, Power BI, project management and other applications to collaborate in a well-organized and secure way.

The list of O365 applications that you can use with Dynamics 365 includes Outlook, SharePoint, Excel, Word, OneNote, Social Engagement, Skype for Business, Power BI, and much more. Microsoft 365 also also integrate with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) so that you can manage user profiles more easily. M365 subscription also includes an Azure AD free subscription, allowing you to:

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call  +91 979797-0004 or email

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