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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint now stops human-operated attacks on its own.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint offers customers the facility to disrupt human operated attacks without having to deploy other capabilities. Now users can enjoy added benefits such as attack disruption and extended detection and response (XDR) only by leveraging Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. The attack disruption feature works first by detecting the onset of any human operated attack and then by stopping the campaign altogether while inoculating all the other devices to ensure maximum protection.

This attack disruption feature simply contains suspicious accounts and users from all the devices. Whenever a compromised user is detected, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint automatically stops it then and there from making any venomous move such as credential theft, data exfiltration or remote encryption. This is a by-default capability of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, that scans if the compromised user has any kind of link to any other endpoint, and accordingly discontinues all sorts of communication, whether inbound or outbound. Sometimes there are many users who have highest level of permission given, they are all under the risk of cyberthreats. Endpoint’s attack disruption can still prevent attackers from gaining access to any devices. Automatic attack disruption of Microsoft Defender XDR has the record of protecting 91 percent of targeted devices from cyberattacks.

Automatic attack disruption is an advanced security feature silently protecting many organizations from malicious attacks since 2022. One time, around August of 2023, skilled attackers had made credential theft by compromising devices of a medical research lab. This attack risked many lives as well as millions of dollars that were supposed to be spent on the research. The attackers with the help of remote desktop protocol had made connections to one of the SQL servers of the research lab. Those attackers tried to perform credential dumping to gain access to the other 55 devices of the lab. However, to their utter disappointment, as soon as they connected to the SQL server, they were instantly restricted from accessing any other devices. Since then, Microsoft Defender XDR has been securing thousands of Microsoft customers from ransomware attacks made by skilled hackers like BlackByte and Akira.

Ransomware is an example of a highly dangerous human operated attack that organizations face every day. It is a malware that uses encryption to get hold of people’s personal information. The user’s sensitive data is then at the hands of the hacker, making the users unable to have any access over their valuable files, databases, and applications. A ransom is demanded by the attackers in exchange for allowing access. Ransom as a serious threat makes billions of dollars as payments from online victims, damaging large to small businesses severely. Ransomware can even paralyze the whole organization. With these kinds of advanced attacks increasing day by day, security analysists in today’s day and time need even more advanced security features to ensure maximum security for the users.

Microsoft 365 Defender introduces automatic attack disruption as a first-time invention. Microsoft 365 Defender is a one and only XDR solution with automated incident and response abilities, to protect devices from making many small to organizational level damages.

Automatic attack disruption not only protects devices from ransomware but also provides other security features such as complex business email compromises and attacks like Adversary-in-the-Middle. These attacks include numerous attack vectors from endpoints to emails to apps, etc., so much so that security teams often fail in figuring out the source from where the attack is coming. Automatic attack disruption goes one step further and successfully detects the source from where the attack has been made and at the same time disrupts it, thus giving the defenders time to make a move even before the damage.

Automatic attack disruption protects customers of all sizes:

Automatic attack disruption is successfully disrupting human operated attacks from causing serious damage to various organizations. With Microsoft Defender for Endpoint now users of all sizes get maximum security from all sorts of ransomware attacks. Often small to medium businesses lack advanced security programs that can protect their businesses from cyberattacks. This attack disruption facility as an on-by-default feature lets them stay protected from these threats. Now they can run their businesses more proficiently without having to worry about securing breaches.

This feature is now available for people as the following endpoint protection programs:

  1. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 2
  2. Defender for Business standalone

Become business ready with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Purchase Microsoft Defender for endpoint from Wroffy Technologies, an authentic and trusted Microsoft Reseller. Wroffy has been a gold partner of Microsoft for many years now. Wroffy’s team of technicians will guide you to choose the right plan for your business while updating the users on Microsoft’s latest releases.  Automatic attack disruption is the ultimate protection feature, recent launch announced by Microsoft that restricts lateral movements faster to reduce attack impact.

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