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Enterprise Mobility Security

Enterprise Mobility Security
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Every enterprise has transformed business digitally; after all, each business needs to stay ahead of their competitors and wants to increase their revenue, customer base, and market share. In the era of digitalization, enterprises have granted employees the ability to access corporate information remotely, which will help businesses provide 24/7 services to their customers. As employees manage businesses remotely with their own personal devices, it becomes essential to secure corporate information from cyberattacks. To resolve this problem, Microsoft came up with an enterprise mobility and security solution. It is a solution that allows employees to work smoothly and releases stress for businesses regarding cyberthreats.

Over the years, enterprise mobility has gained huge popularity among businesses. Now, you might wonder why the use of this software is increasing day by day, and the reason behind that is that with this solution, businesses can accelerate their communication with all stakeholders like customers, employees, vendors, and partners.

In this blog, we will learn all the concepts related to enterprise mobility and security, and through it, you will be able to know all the answers.

What is EMS?

In simple words, enterprise mobility security is a business’s capability to manage and control businesses remotely by directing their revenue through mobile technologies. Apart from laptops or Macs, enterprise mobility focuses on tablets and smartphones. Businesses make use of such mobile applications, which help them grow their revenue. A good EMS solution helps employees better collaborate with team members and customers. Besides, it keeps all the files of organizations safe. Enterprise Mobility Security includes all the features of mobile device management, such as mobile application management, mobile content management, mobile identity management, and mobile expense management. Perhaps, it becomes important for organizations to implement effective enterprise mobility security to boost results.

Microsoft EMS bundled products:

Earlier Microsoft EMS were different products which include four different elements:

  1. Microsoft Intune
  2. Azure Active Directory
  3. Microsoft Advance Threat Analytics
  4. Azure Rights Management

Let’s discuss them in detail.

  1. Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune helps companies securely link company data to employees devices. With Microsoft Intune, one can link a number of devices, and it is regarded as a connection between the company’s data and employee personal devices. One can freely download any application on their mobile phone and have remote access to all the files in one place. Moreover, within the Microsoft EMS, IT can restrict access to various users, devices, data, or apps. Microsoft Intune is a beneficial application for employees, as it does not provide access to the IT department to control the entire network.

  1. Microsoft Azure directory

With Microsoft Azure Directory, IT manages multiple users accessing their Azure cloud. All of the employees have a profile in Azure Active Directory, and it is connected with all other log-ins. By signing in, you can have access to all the files and documents. This directory will help you find:

  • You can sign in at one time to have access to thousands of SaaS applications.
  • Multi-factor authentication secures company data from security breaches.
  1. Microsoft Advance Threat Analytics

Increasing threats have been a real concern for businesses these days. Everything is stored in the cloud, and it becomes essential to protect data. Microsoft Advance Threat Analytics monitors the data in real time and secures a network from cyberattacks. ATA secures your data from three kinds of attacks: malicious attacks, abnormal behaviour, and security issues and risks.

  • ATA identifies various types of attacks, and it continuously warns you in the event of malicious activity.
  • It makes use of behavioural analysis to identify abnormal behaviour in devices and networks.
  • After detecting all kinds of attacks, it informs IT administrators of security issues and risks that are arising.
  1. Azure Rights Management

Azure Rights Management is a part of Azure Information Protection. In an organization, it is important to maintain the level of security, and with Azure Right Management, one can check the data every time and confirm whether the person who is accessing a file is allowed to do so or not. If any one of them is not allowed to access that information, you can block them on the basis of:

  • Position
  • Date of viewing
  • Outside or inside a company
  • Azure Active directory profile information

So, all these are the products which have been now combined to form one Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Features of EMS

The following features of Enterprise Mobility + Security are:

  • Identity Management

Every one of us hates to remember passwords for every different application, and it also becomes difficult and tiring for us. Therefore, companies make use of identity management technologies such as Microsoft Active Directory.

  • Conditional Access

Conditional access uses intelligent techniques to identify and block certain users from accessing the data. Before granting access, multi-factor authentication is required. It means that other than typing a password, the user receives a code on their mobile phones.

  • Wipe of corporate data

As you know, mobile phones are handy, and because of this, they are being widely used by people. This advantage has a risk, as mobile phones can be stolen or get lost. In this situation, EMS will help companies wipe off all their data remotely from devices. All the data can be removed within seconds. Thus,  ensuring protection.

  • On-premises data protection

Microsoft software protects the company’s data, whether it is available in the cloud or on premises. It recognizes suspicious activity quickly, and it informs the user if unauthorized access happens.

  • Unified endpoint management solution

This feature allows IT administrators to manage corporate mobile devices and PCs in a single environment. To manage this, Microsoft has developed a balance between Microsoft Intune and the System Centre configuration manager.

  • Information Protection

All the information of the businesses stays secure with Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Information Azure provides a lot of benefits, like identifying, labelling, and securing data, allowing the owners to record all types of activities on shared data, and many more things.

Advantages of Enterprise Mobility + Security

  1. Decreases operational cost

During COVID, companies reduced their operational costs as they incur less cost on maintaining infrastructure, and with the help of EMS, employees could work safely from their houses. Even after COVID, EMS increased the employee’s productivity during working hours.

  1. Data security

All businesses each day try to protect their data with a different set of techniques, and an effective solution like Enterprise Mobility Security allows businesses to increase their standard for maintaining security across the organization’s data. Security is maintained through various features such as identification and access management, multi-factor authentication, mobile application management, and mobile device management. These features allow one to stay connected securely through the company’s information.

  1. Better collaboration

With EMS, employees can better collaborate with their colleagues, as enterprise mobility management allows employees to update their work on time. Thus, EMS enables employees to share data on any mobile device safely.

  1. Boost Productivity

Enterprise mobility gives employees the opportunity to work from anywhere and at any time. It helps them to discuss some of the major projects over mobile devices, and they can communicate and share all the business data with each other. Thus, ensuring productivity.

  1. Enhance customer satisfaction

Businesses can only run when there are customers, and one way to manage customers is to provide them 24/7 services. To enable this properly, EMS helped a lot to the businesses as it offered effective tracking and delivery, fast transaction confirmation, and much more.

Offers available in Enterprise Mobility Security

Microsoft offers two versions of Enterprise Mobility and Security: E3 and E5. Both have different sets of features. E3 is responsible for all types of basic security requirements, and it totally depends on the businesses which kind of feature they want to have in EMS. Whereas E5 is an updated version of E3 with some advanced features that boost cloud security. Let us discuss, with the help of the table, which features are available in both.


E3 E5

Azure Active Directory



Microsoft Intune

Included Included

Azure Information Protection

P1 P2

Advance Threat Analytics



Azure Right Management Included


Cloud App security


Windows Server CAL rights Included



Q1. What is enterprise mobility security?

It is a solution that provides security for company data stored on mobile devices and includes all the other essential features that ensure security.

Q2. Which of the following is better, EMS E3 or EMS E5?

EMS E3 fulfils a basic requirement related to security, whereas EMS E5 is the advanced version of EMS E3 with more premium features.

Q3. What is the price of Enterprise Mobility + Security?

The price of enterprise mobility and security varies. Though E5 is more expensive than E3, the main reason is that E5 includes more advanced features than EMS E3.

Q4. Is enterprise mobility and security best for my business?

Yes, EMS E3 and E5 are both best for businesses, and to know which one suits your business, you can contact our sales team to learn more.

Q5. Can I purchase EMS E3 or EMS E5 separately?

Yes, if you want to, you can purchase it separately, and it is also available in Microsoft 365 E3 and E5.

Q6. Is Enterprise Mobility + Security different from Enterprise Mobility Suite?

No, earlier the EMS was known as Enterprise Mobility Suite, but now Microsoft has changed it to Enterprise Mobility + Security.

In conclusion, enterprise mobility and security are better for all kinds of businesses, no matter whether you operate a small or large business. Cybersecurity is a worldwide concern for all organizations, and it becomes for all of us to defend against threats with smart solutions ensuring productivity and security. In cutthroat competition, it becomes easy for businesses to implement solutions that are cost-effective and fast enough to secure their networks.

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