QNAP Headquartered in Taipei, delivers storage & surveillance solutions to the global market with nonstop innovation and passion. Quality Network Appliance Provider, aims to deliver cutting edge network attached storage (NAS) and network video recorder (NVR) solutions featured with ease-of-use, robust operation, huge storage capacity and trustworthy reliability. Modern businesses today face the challenge of dramatic growth of rapid digital data. Deploying a reliable, affordable and expandable storage server to securely store, share, and back up important digital data has become an important task for the IT administrators. QNAP Turbo NAS provides an efficient and flexible network attached storage solution with iSCSI services, cross-platform data sharing, and rich business applications. With VMware Ready & Citrix Ready verification and proven compatibility with Microsoft Hyper-V environment, the Qnap Turbo NAS is an ideal network attached storage solution in the virtualized and clustered environment.

Qnap integrates technologies and a great designs to bring forth quality products & solutions that effectively improve business efficiency on file sharing, storage management, virtualisation applications and surveillance in the business environments, as well as enrich entertainment life for home users with the offering of a fun multimedia centre experience. Qnap is a world leader in the field of networked storage and is entrusted by organisations around the world to provide secure, powerful and high-functioning Network-attached Storage (NAS) to build a private cloud.

QNAP Storage Solutions


Home & Soho Nas

Your personal data & multimedia center. Backup Your Files Like Never Before.

Small & Medium Business

Cost Saving Storage Solutions for SMB’s to protect and centralize data & files.

Enterprise Nas

Safeguard your business data with secured & powerful storage solutions by Qnap.

Qnap ThunderBolt Nas

Thunderbolt technology provides PCI Express with blazing-fast 10Gb/s transfer speeds.

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Today in the digital world there is huge demand of storage solutions as the amount of digital data is growing rapidly and the demand for network storage is increasing day by day in almost every government departments. The Qnap NAS supports easy and fast file transfer and sharing across the departments to increase work productivity and efficiency of employees. There are Multiple built-in applications in Qnap NAS such as FTP server, remote replication, web server, and file server, can be easily maintained without IT knowledge. QNAP NAS  Solution is an best storage solution that can be integrated with any data based projects of the government departments to bring extra values to the working environment.

Benefits of QNAP NAS Solutions : 

  • Easy integration with IT projects
  • Low Cost Storage Solution
  • Secure data access
  • Easy Data backup

Easy integration with IT projects

QNAP NAS Devices supports full standard network protocols and can be easily integrated as the primary or secondary storage. The NAS server requires the least IT knowledge for setup and maintenance. All-in-one Nas server features such as FTP server, web server, file server, printer server, backup server, and so on are built-in and they can be managed via the easy web based interface.

Low solution costs

QNAP NAS Server can be used as the shared storage of VMware virtualization environments and Windows cluster servers. Compared to Fibre storage systems, the NAS is a more competitive and reasonably-priced network storage solution.。

Secure data access control

Industry-class secured data encryption is provided by QNAP NAS to enhance data security. Access rights can be assigned at the same time without complicated procedures. The NAS also provides a log system for your IT admin to keep track of the system events and connection history from different network protocols.

Data backup

QNAP NAS can be easily configured as the primary & secondary backup center of the data. The Nas server provides advanced RAID protection against hard drive failure. You can also configure automatic scheduled backup of the data to remote devices. The data can be retrieved more quickly and easily than using traditional tapes.

Today IT & digital technologies has been widely implemented in our education system in most developed countries to encourage more efficient and interactive knowledge sharing. Many schools, colleges & universities may find the lack of IT resources and the cost of hardware maintenance is also too high. QNAP NAS is a cost-efficient, high performance and easy to install and maintain storage solution with value-added server features to them.

Benefits of QNAP NAS

  • Ease of use
  • A full-featured web server
  • Virtual learning environment
  • Easy information sharing and exchange


Ease of use

QNAP NAS provides all-in-one features such as file server, FTP server, printer server, access right control with Windows AD support, user account management, and so on. It takes the least IT effort to set up and maintain the server. Even if your school lacks an IT department, you can manage the system and use the features with the user-friendly web interface without hassles.

Built-in Web Server Apache + MySQL + PHP

QNAP NAS is the perfect fit for primary to tertiary educational institutions to set up their web server using the Apache web server, MySQL database, and PHP features. You can build your school website to publish the school news and interact with your teachers, students, parents, and the public.

Virtual learning environment

By hosting the virtual learning environment on QNAP NAS, you can provide online classes and distance teaching to local and overseas students.

Easy information sharing and exchange

QNAP NAS provides a platform to allow your students, staff, and the public to exchange the news, information, and research data over the network. The shared folder aggregation (DFS) is also offered for convenient access to multiple shared folders on the campus network from a portal folder on the NAS.

Efficient medical information system is must required to support a medical organization to achieve high customer satisfaction and excellent delivery of services. Medical data is increasing day by day, IT admins are required to develop a strong strategy for storage solutions within their premises. Integrating a QNAP NAS Server will help medical practices in meeting security standards for ePHI and provide a best storage solution.

IT Challenges Identified in a Medical Environment

  • Increasing demand for large data storage due to data latest technologies, high-resolution medical images, and high definition videos.
  • Data security in a healthcare industry is extremely crucial. Solutions to fulfill different storage security designs are required.
  • Data exchange between different medical systems must be efficient.
  • Fast Transfer speed require when transferring large files is required for a productive working environment.
  • Due to regulations, medical files/data have to be retained for a longer time. Cost effective file backup solution may be needed.

HIPAA Compliant Storage Solution

QNAP meets all the electronic requirements of HIPAA for storing PHI data by providing a base to protect the confidentiality and security of “individually identifiable health information”. QNAP provides variety of storage models that can easily fit into different scales of deployment.

Features for Medical Environments

  • Standard Protocols Supported
  • Windows Active Directory and LDAP
  • Virtualization Ready
  • Protected Data Storage
  • Access Rights Control

The huge growth in the demand for online banking services has vastly driven the banks and insurance sector to provide their customers diversified online services and applications such as basic transactions, online current and savings accounts management, buying and selling stocks, online application for credit card or loan, and many more. Banks are willing to invest in Internet banking services and applications to stand out from the competitors. QNAP NAS is the best storage solution which can be integrated to the current systems of the banks to provide redundant backups.

Benefits of QNAP NAS

  • Easy integration with the systems
  • Large storage capacity as secondary backup
  • Secure data protection

Huge amount of data are being stored, and backed up every day in construction industry. A high performance and cost effective storage system is must required. QNAP NAS features large storage capacity with high-speed file transfer across platforms, and secure RAID data protection. The Qnap NAS can be managed and setup easily in the IT environment. All-in-one server, which supports file server, FTP server, web server, remote replication, and more.

Benefits of QNAP NAS

  • Ease of data management
  • Data protection with automatic schedulable backups
  • Remote access with secured authentication
  • Enhanced partners’ collaboration

Tens to hundreds of Gigabytes of HD video and image files may need to be stored and accessed daily  in media and entertainment industry. QNAP NAS provides large storage capacity with high performance data transfer by Giga LAN connection (about 100MB/s, depending on the actual network environment) to shorten the waiting time of file access and increase the work efficiency. The NAS offers abundant server applications, such as web server, FTP server, remote replication, and file server, which can be managed easily.

Benefits of QNAP NAS:

  • Large capacity storage
  • Cross-platform accessibility
  • Secure backup of digital data
  • Advanced data protection
  • Instant and convenient information broadcast

Huge data are stored and exchanged among departments every day in the manufacturing industry. A reliable and high performance storage server is very much required. QNAP NAS offers convenient file sharing for cross-department collaboration, advanced RAID data protection, and efficient data transfer speed.

Benefits of QNAP NAS:

  • Enhanced collaboration with vendors and customers
  • Data protection and backup
  • Ease of management
  • Affordable system; large capacity

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