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Wroffy provides wireless solutions for business, schools & college campus from leading manufacturers including HPE, TP-Link, Cisco, D-Link and Netgear and much more. Whether you are looking for Wireless or wired or Managed wireless solutions, have the perfect Wifi solutions for business to suit your requirements. Our smart Wifi business routers comes with high power performance features tailored for small to medium businesses.

We offer managed wireless solutions for small medium business, schools, colleges and enterprises. Our range of best business network routers offer the Wifi solution for strong internet connectivity and reliability. Leverage the advantage of our wide range of industrial Wifi Routers, modems and networking products today. Browse low prices and high discounts on all of our business Routers and modems in both Wireless and Wired option.

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Buy Network Routers

Whether you are running a small-medium organisation, or a enterprise, our wide range of network routers & modems will fulfill your requirements with a high performance & speed to help you deliver success.

D-Link Routers & Modem

If you’re running a small business or large, you know how important it is to have a fast and reliable connection to the Internet. A wireless router for business allows all of the laptops, computers and mobile devices on your IT network to easily share high-speed Internet access.

Netgear Routers & Modems

Wireless solutions for all businesses, schools, colleges & universities. Cover your entire business and campus with consistent WiFi Routers so your customers and employees can have stable internet access without downtime.

Cisco Routers & Modems

Buy the ideal router for your business, with comprehensive security and easy installation. Business routers to fit in your business priorities and networking plans. Choose networking capabilities like a firewall, a virtual private network (VPN), and an IP phone network.

HPE Routers & Modems

Quickly connect your business network with wireless routing designed for simplicity and reliability, with enterprise grade security features to safeguard your organisation. Fixed Port Routers, Modular Routers and Virtual & Wireless Routers.

Tp-Link Routers & Modems

TP-Link provides Gigabit Routers for Business, Omada Business Wireless Solution for business. TP-Link help to connect companies, students, employees and customers to reliable networks in hotels, restaurants, offices and campuses all over the world.

Linksys Routers & Switches

Commercial Wireless Routers for business. Designing a smart business wifi network is easy with a Linksys business VPN router with built-in business encryption security and firewall capabilities keep your network safe from threats, malware & other malicious attacks.

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