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Seqrite launches MobiSMART and mSuite Cloud Based EMM

enterprise mobility management
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Seqrite, an enterprise security arm of Quick Heal Technologies, announced MobiSMART and mSuite Cloud Based Enterprise Mobility Management solutions as part of their enterprise security portfolio. Seqrite EMM solutions enables IT teams to remotely manage and schedule a security scan on enrolled mobile devices to identify threats, risks and infections with anti-malware capabilities.

Joint Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer, Quick Heal Technologies, Sanjay Katkar said, “Mobiles are now a big part of every businesses that operate today, but they are the biggest area of concern when it comes to enterprise security. Employees are sending, receiving data and storing emails and business information on their mobile devices without implementing adequate security measures. Seqrite’s Enterprise Mobility Management solutions has been launched to address this security need-gap and protect BYOD workplaces from the risk of data breaches, security threats and unauthorized access. Through our comprehensive portfolio of mobility device management solutions, we aim to empower organizations avail the benefits of the BYOD approach without compromising their larger security posture.”

The business landscape is eagerly embracing BYOD work culture to enhance work productivity, efficiency, ensure seamless interoperability, and improve workplace collaboration & communication. Smartphones are a needs of today’s work culture but the growing use of BYOD mobile devices within the enterprise environment is also giving rise to mobile device management and security challenges. Moreover, most smartphone users don’t install the much required security measures on their devices or use jailbroken/rooted devices, leaving enterprises data & network vulnerable to security risks.

With the launch of MobiSMART and mSuite EMM Solutions, Seqrite reaffirms its commitment to securely manage multiple entry points and data within the enterprise network.

Seqrite MobiSMART

A centrally managed and secure mobile workspace

Seqrite MobiSMART is a centrally managed workspace solution for enterprise productivity. Seqrite MobiSMART provides separation of corporate and personal data to manage enterprise applications and data on user’s mobile devices. It integrates with Enterprise Product Information Management (PIM) policy and prohibits business users from screen capturing, copy/pasting, or syncing secure files and information within the workspace which employs FIPS-certified AES 256-bit encryption. It also enforces strict single/multi-factor authentication to access enterprise data while providing a compelling work environment to BYOD end-users, with all the access and features they need to be productive.

Seqrite mSuite

A robust solution for seamless mobility management

Seqrite mSuite is a mobile device and app management solution which empowers organisations to manage the usage of connected employees mobile devices by defining device policies and restrictions. Its virtual fencing feature that allows organisations to define digital boundaries and apply policies and permissions on mobile devices by creating Geo-location, Wi-Fi, and Time fences.

Also, Seqrite EMM Solutions enables IT teams to remotely schedule a security scan on enrolled devices to identify risks and infections with the best-in-class anti-malware capabilities. Such comprehensive overview into mobile device usage allows organisations to identify how their employees use company-issued devices, track their productivity on mobile during office hours, and control app/user access to enterprise networks and data. Seqrite enterprise security portfolio of products also includes endpoint security and encryption, unified threat management and mobile device management solutions.

If you are looking for Enterprise Mobility Management solutions, or implementing enterprise security solutions to keep your organisation’s data safe from threats, and malcious hackers or un authorized access, you are at the right place. Wroffy Technologies is a Seqrite Partner India with vast experience of implementing enterprise security solutions, contact us for free consultation and free demo.

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