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The Best Employee Monitoring Software for 2021

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Employee monitoring is the practice of keeping a check on the activities of employees in a workplace. Many times the employees engage in online activities that are not meant for a workplace. Many a time, people engage in activities of a data breach also. In addition, employees usually sniff out and visit other websites. All these prevent the growth of a company and may also lead to immense losses. Therefore, the administrator needs to keep a check on the activities of employees. An employee Monitoring software helps the administrator keep an eye on the movement of the employees.

Although the use of such software was uncommon earlier, in recent times, it has increased. With the rise in Covid-19 cases, there is a hike in Work home jobs. Thus, it becomes a necessity to keep track of employee’s work performance.

List of the best Employee Monitoring Software for 2021

  • DeskSight
  • Desktime
  • WorkPuls
  • TeraMind
  • InterGuard
  • SentryPC
  • Veriato NameKey FeaturesSuitable for
1DeskSightTracks time of activity of employees using Artificial Intelligence
Tracks performance of employees
Provides the feature of offline recording
Big companies and organizations
2DesktimeMonitors the files and data an employee is using
Captures the screenshots of employee’s work progress
Tracks the accessed websites and programs
Freelancers and business owners
3WorkPulsCan track the website and application usage of employees
Can also run the monitoring process in stealth mode
Small to large-sized businesses
4TeraMindAllows capturing videos during an ongoing session
Captures violations and immediately reports to the authority
Small to large-sized businesses
5InterGuardGives you the report of your employee’s performance.
Helps setting alert generation on certain activities of employees.
Small to large-sized businesses
6SentryPCCan take screenshots and stores up to 500 of them
Can block the chatting sites
Can generate alerts on encountering the fed keywords
Small-sized businesses
7VeriatoKeeps a check on employee’s location
Offers video playback
Uses Artificial Intelligence to access risk factor
Large-sized businesses

Need of Employee Monitoring Software:

Employee Monitoring Software is a necessity nowadays. In recent times, there is a surge in cases of Covid-19. This has led to an increase in Work home jobs. Although Work home jobs give health security and comfort, they come up with a risk of employee’s loss of interest. Instead of spending time on the official website, there are cases where employees tend to visit other websites. A successful business has reputation and productivity. But any deviation in the behavior of an employee can lead to immense harm to reputation. This further leads to a loss of productivity of the business. Thus, every business, whether small or large, needs to have an Employee Monitoring Software.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring Software provides many benefits to businesses.

  1. Boosting up workflow: The software helps keep a check on the time-to-time performances of the employees. This helps in boosting up the workflow of the businesses.
  2. Increasing Productivity: Nowadays people are working remotely in different places. This may lead to a loss of productivity. But if we monitor the Work and employees using Employee Monitoring Software, there will not compromise on productivity.
  3. Increase in security: This software can monitor the files and other data that is sent to other computers. It keeps track of employee’s activity and thus helps in preventing data breaches.
  4. Improving the performance of the whole team: The performance of the whole company as a team can be improved using the software. For example, the software helps keep a time-track of employees and checks people joining the office late. This also saves the time of checking every person’s device personally and manually.

Key Features of Employee Monitoring Software

  1. Location tracking: The Employee Monitoring Software has GPS tracking software that can detect the person’s live location. This is usually of concern where businesses include delivering an item and keeping track of an employee’s whereabouts.
  2. Timesheet monitoring: The Employee Monitoring Software lets the administrator have a glance at the time of logging in and logging out of the official Work. It helps in checking how much time does an employee spends on Work.
  3. Task management: This feature lets the administrator check on employees’ activities and tasks. It gives an idea of the deadlines reached by the employees.
  4. Alert generation: The software has another important feature of generating alerts whenever there is a breach of data. This helps keep the data secure and keep up the business’s productivity without any damage to its reputation.


Although it might seem unethical for many employees, it is very critical that a company should keep a check on the activity of people at the workplace. The devices that employees are using are needed to be monitored for any misuse and data thefts. This makes Employee Monitoring Software an essential software for businesses and organizations. It helps keep an eye on the employees, but it also helps keep the breaches and data losses at bay. Thus, the company is rescued from suffering any losses. Monitoring the activity of the employees is one way to keep up the reputation of the company.

Buying software comes up with many challenges like the software’s price and genuine licenses. If the software is pirated, it can lead to losses to the company. Moreover, the up-gradation of the software is not possible if the licenses are not genuine.  Therefore, to buy the software at realistic prices and get original licenses, you can visit Wroffy Technologies. They, along with providing software with original licenses, offer installation services.

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