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Why every small business needs a strong firewall?

why business needs firewall

What is a Firewall?

When surfing the internet, there are many dangers in the form of malware and hackers. They all are trying to gain access to your computer. Just like a security fence protects your home from burglars and intruders, a firewall keeps cyber criminals from penetrating your computer systems. A firewall acts as a defense system for your local computer and protects it from viruses, Trojan, and other malware. It can take the form of software such as a security program or hardware such as a physical router. The function of both remains the same, i.e., scanning of every network traffic. These make sure that the incoming traffic is not blacklisted or contains anything malcious.

An introduction to a hardware firewall

A hardware firewall is a physical piece of firewall appliance that offers security from Cyber threats. This device works as a gatekeeper and protects the network and endpoints from viruses and other threats. Unlike a software firewall, it does not use the computer’s software or RAM, or CPU for the processes. The hardware firewall is usually put between the server and the external network through a cable to filter the total traffic that comes into and goes out of the network. The most significant feature of a hardware firewall is that it can protect all the systems connected to it through a single network. 

Standard features of a hardware firewall include:

  1. Control of all devices through a single network.
  2. Timely up-gradation to keep the systems secure.
  3. Preventing threats from reaching the internal structures.
  4. Separate operating system for better security.
  5. Constant protection till someone chooses to turn it off. 

Five reasons why a business needs a hardware firewall? 

The hardware firewalls are physical appliances that can be fixed with your network and offer you the ultimate enterprise-grade security from cyber threats. Business, whether small or large, needs to have fully functional firewall security. Here are some of the reasons why your business needs a hardware firewall.

  1. Managing traffic: Using a hardware firewall helps in managing the traffic. You can control what should reach your network and what should not.
  2. Prevention of Intrusion: The firewall scans all the packets arriving into the system network. It checks for malicious files and takes appropriate action against them.
  3. Antispyware and Antivirus: We know that the firewall works against viruses that tend to corrupt the files. Except this, the firewall also works against the spyware that might enter the network and spy on the company’s confidential information.
  4. Running a VPN: A Virtual Private Network is one of the essential requirements of every company. It keeps the network and systems secure. The use of a hardware firewall provides you with another benefit of running a VPN, making it cost-effective.
  5. Device Control: The devices that a company uses include desktops, mobiles, and tablets, etc. All the devices nowadays are connected to Cloud. A firewall helps in managing the data going in and out of the devices wherever they go.

Top Hardware Firewall Brands

Firewall BrandsModelBasic Features
SophosSophos XG FirewallExposes the hidden risks
Stops Unknown threats
Isolates the Infected systems
SonicWallSOHO/ TZ series
NSa series
NSsp series
Available for small, medium, and large enterprises.
Advanced threat protection.
Multi-instance firewall.
CiscoCisco ASA 5500-X
Cisco Meraki MX Series
Firepower 1000 Series
Firepower 2100 Series
Firepower 4100 Series
Firepower 9300
High availability
Comprehensive security
Ease of management
Advanced quality of service (QoS) for audio, video, broadcast, and other real-time applications.
Palo AltoPA-220-ZTP and PA-220R-ZTP
PA-820-ZTP and PA-850-ZTP
PA-3220-ZTP, PA-3250-ZTP, and PA-3260-ZTP
Zero Touch Provisioning
Front to back airflow
Threat Prevention Throughput
VPN throughput
Web threat prevention
FortigateFortiGate 1800F
FortiGate 4200F
FortiGate 4400F
FortiGate 7121F
Protection against threats.
Reduces threat surface
Maintains energy efficiency.
Access to only trusted applications.
Checkpoint1600/1800/3000 series
1500/1600/1800 series
6000 series
44000/64000 series
Available for mid-size enterprise, branch office and small business.
Threat prevention.
Protection against Gen V attacks.
WatchGuardFirebox T15
Firebox T20
Firebox T35-R
Firebox T40
Firebox T80
Firebox M Series
Firebox M270 & M370
Firebox M470, M570 & M670
Firebox M4800 & M5800
Firebox T Series
Enterprise grade security.
Available for small to medium sized business.
Multi-core processor for running security scans.
Advanced Threat Protection
Botnet and spyware protection.
Intrusion detection and prevention
Multi-factor authentication
JuniperSRX seriesNetwork security segmentation.
Fully integrated Unified Threat Management (UTM)


For any business to bloom and prosper, a minimum level of security is necessary. Security in terms of protection against cyber threats, malware, data breaches, and leakage of data. There are cases where the hackers are present at the end of the gateway and tend to steal important and confidential information from your computer by hacking into the network. This can not only lead to an economic loss but also may harm the reputation of the company. Therefore, to make the systems fully secure and threat-free, it is necessary to use a firewall appliance. The hardware firewalls are easily available with Wroffy Technologies. One can choose firewall solutions according to the need of the business or enterprise and make the whole network secure. 

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