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Why you should migrate from G suite to Office 365?

migrate from Gsuite to Office 365
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Do you prefer working on Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365? It seems to be a simple inquiry at first but can immediately become mind-boggling. Both are helpful suites with cloud abilities intended to assist your business in collaborating and developing. That doesn’t mean they’re almost similar to each other.

Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s G Suite or Google Workspace are the two driving competitors with regards to business development in the Cloud. While the two software shares various comparative features and applications, business managers know that there are some unmistakable contrasts between the two Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms.

Any individual who’s taken a step towards changing from Google Docs to Word or Vice Versa knows about the fundamental differences between the two software. There can be many purposes for this G Suite migration to Office 365. The most basic reason being the familiarity users have with Office 365 tools, especially with Outlook, Word, and Excel, combined with the impressive list of features, are frequently the significant migration drivers to Office 365 from G Suite.  The other two potential reasons for migration can be the features and the pricing factor of the public cloud providers.

Some of the advantages of Microsoft 365 are mentioned below, which will make the migration from G Suite to Office 365 Migration look worth it:

  • Improved Scalability to help grow your business

The main objective of most organizations is Scalability. Stating it simply that you need to ensure that any software platform you choose should develop with your business as it does. It should not add new inconveniences yet address similar situations regardless of the number of users connected to the solution.

That is the place where Office 365 undeniably prevails upon G Suite. Scalability is incorporated into the design of the Office 365 software, with centralized administration and security features that assist you with dealing with your entire workforce from a centralized space. What’s more, its Team chat tool offers a significant contender to Slack that incorporates flawlessly into Office applications, something with no immediate comparable option available on the Google side.

  • Scaled-down Pricing for users

Pricing is usually a central point for any organization looking to streamline its collaboration and productivity suite. Here, Google has a plus point in pricing simplicity which makes it work. But this additionally carries with it an absence of flexibility as compared with Microsoft’s multiple pricing levels, and here you start to see the difference. With Office 365, you will not be categorized into a class that doesn’t coordinate with your requirements. Here you can discover a cost explicitly intended to fulfill the needs of your organization. To sweeten the deal even further, that cost for using the Microsoft 365 platform only increments if you decide to use only Office web applications on the platform.

  • Compatible on Both Mobile and Desktop Apps

Google G Suite is an online-only platform when considered for web and desktop applications. It comes with a drawback that you should always be associated with the web to work on it. That carries an obvious benefit of ease of working from homes which has been a significant advantage in this pandemic situation. In any case, the absence of desktop options can also turn into a huge drawback.

With Office 365, you can find the best of the two universes. In its latest version, Word, Excel, and other applications are altogether accessible as desktop versions that flawlessly coordinate with their cloud-based partners. You can use them easily via the Cloud or offline on a desktop. You can work on Outlook even when you are not connected to the web, setting up instructions for sending the e-mails once when you get back on the web.

  • Better Security options

As your organization develops, data security turns into an undeniably fundamental concern. You can’t afford to experience the ill effects of significant data loss, essentially due to phishing or data hacking.

Microsoft has incorporated anti-spam and anti-virus protections in Office 365, including regular data encryption that makes your documents hard to crack. Additionally, its Advanced Threat Protection function secures information through a proactive methodology that cannot be compared to anything available on the Google side.

  • Better Control opportunities

One of the most noticeably awful mistakes a developing business can make is neglecting to develop its accountability structure with the growing business.

That is where Office 365 comes to the rescue. Its Admin Center permits you to track functionality, manage reports on anything from time utilization to dependability. This control lets you keep a more tight grasp on your innovation tasks, including anything from different access levels to data protection.

  • Extended Privacy for Your Organization

That is the principal distinction between Microsoft and Google platforms. Google has always admitted that its business supports the information of its users, and they are obviously you and your business.

But in Microsoft’s case, it does not depend on the user data, but it supports licenses. Scaling those licenses permits the organization to ensure that it doesn’t use user information to the degree Google does. That implies your own and your organization’s data is intrinsically more protected, private, and secure.

These distinctions are considerably more critical of the people working on the back-end of an organization. Once you begin your business on G Suite, it doesn’t need to imply that you have to stay there as it develops. Understanding the ‘Whys for g suite migration to office 365’ structure, the reason for the businesses to purchase in, perusing the migration, creating a timeline, and deciding the type of migration.

Wroffy Technologies offer business organizations to migrate data from Google’s Cloud to Microsoft’s online office suite. Regardless of which devices or services you use, we at Wroffy help you develop a smoother migration procedure that will assist your organization in avoiding the usual traps and issues related to migration from G Suite to Office 365. We offer a cost-effective free migration solution from Google Workspace to Office 365 for up to 25 users. Wroffy implements the best migration practices for better migration management from G Suite to Office 365 using our years of experience and expertise. Our Experts make sure that all your business data is transferred successfully and ensure that no Google Workspace Data loss occurs during the translation.

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