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Windows Server 2019 Vs Windows Server 2022

Windows Server 2019 Vs Windows Server 2022
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A Detailed Comparison Between Windows Server 2019 And Windows Server 2022

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2019 Is An Operating System Released By Microsoft. It Is The 9th Version. It Is Based On Windows 10, After Windows Server 2016.



  • Storage Spaces Direct
  • Storage Migration Services
  • Storage Replica
  • System Insights
  1. Security
  • Shielded Virtual Machines
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  1. Container Services
  • Linux Container On Windows
  • Support For Tigera Calico
  • Support For Kubernetes
  1. Administration
  • Windows Admin Centre
  • Openssh
  • Setupdiag

Why Is Windows Server 2022 So Much Better?

Windows Server 2022 Is An Updated Version Of Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2022 Carries Some Latest Features And Innovations That Make It Worth Upgrading To Windows Server 2022 From Windows Server 2019. The Basic Themes Upon Which This Version Of Windows Server Has Worked On Are:

  1. Security
  2. Azure Hybrid Integration
  3. Application Platform

A Detailed Description Of These Themes Is Given Below:


Windows Server 2022 Has A Multi-Layered Security System, Providing Just What Servers Require In Today’s Day And Time. It Combines All The Other Security Capabilities From Multiple Areas Of Windows Server, Leading To In-Depth Security Protection. Moreover, A Secured-Core Server Which Is Also Certified Provides An Increased Security Protection Capable Of Fighting Against Sophisticated Complex And Sophisticated Attacks. It Also Provides Advanced Security While Operating Mission Critical Data In Data Sensitive Industries.  Secured-Core Server Has Hardwire, Firmware And Driver Capabilities That Offers An Increased Security Features.

Secured Hardware

Features Like Bitlocker Drive Encryption, Trusted Platform Module 2.0 Provide A Secure Hardware Store Designed For Cryptographic Keys And Data. Trusted Platform Module Ensures That The Server Has Started With Legitimate Code That Can Be Trusted By Code Execution. This Is Known As Hardware Root-Of-Trust.

Firmware Protection

Firmware Is Subject To A High Number Of Attacks Because It Is Invisible To Traditional Anti-Virus Solutions. Secured Core Servers Analyses Boot Processes With The Help Of Dynamic Root Of Trust For Measurement Technology. Secured-Core Servers Also Have Additional Direct Memory Access (Dma) Protection.  Virtualization-Based Security (Vbs)

Virtualisation Based Security

Secured-Core Servers Possess Virtualization Based Security, (Vbs). The Role Of Vbs Is To Create As Well As Isolate A Region Of Memory With Its Hardware Virtualization Features, Thus Protecting It Against Unsafe Territory Of Cryptocurrency Mining. Vbs Also Uses Credential Guard Which Stores Users’ Credentials And Secrets In Some Containers Which Restricts Operating Systems To Access It Directly. Vbs Also Assists Hvci To Make Code Integrity Policy Stronger. Whereas Kernel Mode Integrity Has The Role Of Restricting Unsigned Kernel Mode Drivers From Being Loaded Into The System.

Uefi Secure Boot

It Is A Security System That Defends Servers From Dangerous Rootkits. It Works By Making Sure That The Server Can Only Boot The Firmware And Software Which Are Trusted By Hardware Manufacturer. Firmware Analyses Boot Components’ Signature From Firmware Drivers To The Os. Only When The Signatures Turn Up To Be Valid Do Server Boots And Firmware Transfers Control To The Os.

Secure Connections

Secure Connections Are What Interconnected Systems Strive To Acquire. Transport Layer Security (Tls) 1.3 Is The Newest Version Of Security Protocol. Tls Basically Encrypts Data And Provides A Secure Channel Of Communication. Tls 3.1 Is Now Equipped Within Windows Server 2022. Tls 3.1 Reduces Older Cryptographic Algorithms And Advances Security.

Azure Hybrid Capabilities

Windows Server 2022 Has Built-In Hybrid Capabilities. It Increases Efficiency And Flexibility.  Azure Arc Enabled Servers Brings Multicloud Windows Servers To Azure. It Makes You Use Native Azure Virtual Machines More Consistently.  Hybrid Machines After Being Connected To Azure Become Connected Machines And As A Result It Is Used As A Resource.

Application Platform

There Are Many Platform Improvement Features In Windows Containers, They Are-

  1. Faster Startup Time As Well As Better Performance With Upto 40 Percent Reduced Image Size Of Windows Container.
  2. Azure Active Directory With Group Managed Services Accounts (Gmsa).
  3. Microsoft Distributed Transaction Control Msdtc
  4. Microsoft Message Queuing Msmq
  5. Applications Now Can Talk Over Spi, 12c, Gpio, And Uart/Com
  6. Windows Server Container Can Be Processed By Simple Buses.


Windows Server 2019       Windows Server 2022

Azure Arc

Supported 1.3 Enabled
Storage Migration Service Supported

Simplified Management


1.2 Supported 1.3 Enabled

Windows Admin Centre

Not Supported Supported
Automatic Updates For Windows Admin Centre Not Supported


Secured-Core Services

Not Supported


Dns Over Https Not Supported


New Partitioning Tool Not Supported



Windows Server 2022 Is A Much More Elevated Version Of Windows Server 2019. The Latest Features And Technologies In Terms Of Security With Secured-Core Server Offering Protection To The Hardware, Firmware And Os Makes It Worthy For Upgrading To Windows Server 2022.

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