Endpoint Security Solutions

Managed Antivirus and Mobile, Desktop & Laptop Security for Business. Combine Advanced
Threat Detection, Protection and Monitoring to Secure Your business from modern threats.

Enterprise Security Solutions

Business supports wide range of endpoint devices which includes Laptops, PCs, tablets, mobile phones etc and providing a secure endpoint security for your business can be complex. Being a leading Endpoint Security Solutions provider in India, we completely understand that choosing & deploying the correct an endpoint security solution can be a difficult task for any organization, so we offer customized endpoint security solutions catering to the unique business needs of your business.  Our experience & in-depth understanding of endpoint protection helps us deploy the best enterprise security solutions. Wroffy Technologies has partnered with world’s leading endpoint security providers such as Sophos, Bitdefender, McAfee, Trendmicro, Symantec, etc..

Customizing IT Security Solution for Your Business : 

We provide scalable & managed endpoint security solutions that fit small, medium business and Enterprise with a flexible, multi-layered approach to endpoint security so that they can empower their employees to work and collaborate effectively.

Endpoint Protection Solutions
Endpoint Security Solutions
Endpoint Security Services
Endpoint Security Provider India

How Does Endpoint Security Solutions work?

The Endpoint Security Solutions works on a client-server model. Security Software will be located within the network on a centrally managed and accessible server or gateway. Client software will be located on each endpoint device. The installed security software authenticates logins made from the endpoints device and simultaneously updates client software whenever needed.

Not sure which Endpoint Security Solution is right for your business?