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Top 5 Digital Signature Software for Business

top 5 digital signature software
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As modern society is becoming more dependent on digital technology, traditional practices of doing business are becoming more computerized. In recent years we have seen that plenty of electronic devices have entered the commercial market. Organizations have additionally started to replace paper-based procedures with more productive digital models. Since electronic signatures are being perceived as a lawful concept in government law since the year 2000. E-signatures based on digital signature technology are driving the way of the latest digital models.

Individuals still consider that a digital signature and e- signatures are exactly the same concepts. In any case, this is not the situation, and the terms are certainly not interchangeable.

What is E-signature or Digital Signature?

A digital signature is a kind of electronic signature that offers more security than a customary electronic signature. When you sign a report using a digital signature, the sign connects the “finger impression” of the signed document to your identity. Then this data is permanently implanted into the record. Since this data is inserted into the document, you don’t have to seek out the vendor every time to confirm that the signature is secure. In addition, most nations around the world have started accepting digital signatures since they comply with global standards for security.

Electronic signatures are famous for the fact that they are not difficult to use. Users can sign reports online with a mouse click or by using fingers to create a handwritten signature on a record. Electronic signatures don’t have the secure coding that digital signatures have. Basically, electronic signatures are a picture placed on the document; however, it can’t show if somebody tries to tamper with the paper after it is signed. If you choose to change to an alternate vendor, you may lose those signatures saved on the vendor’s server.

How does e-signature software work?

Digital signatures, like manually written signatures, are unique for every user. Digital signature platform providers follow a particular protocol called PKI. PKI requires the service provider to utilize a numerical algorithm to produce two long numbers, called keys. One key is public, and the other key is private.

When the user signs the document electronically, the signature is made utilizing the user’s private key, which is kept safely by the user in every case. The numerical algorithm behaves like a code, creating information coordinated with the signed document, called a hash, and encrypting that information. The resulting encrypted data is the digital signature. The signature additionally has the timestamp of the time when the document was signed. In case the signed document changes, once the signature is done, it will invalidate the digital signature.

Here is the way how the process of sending a digital signature works:

  • Document is selected by the user, which is to be digitally signed on the digital platform.
  • The user’s computer calculates the unique hash value of the document content.
  • Hash value of the user’s private key is encrypted to generate the digital signature.
  • Original document with the digital signature done on it is sent to the receiver.
  • Using the digital platform the receiver identifies that the sender has digitally signed the document.
  • Using the sender’s public key the receiver’s computer decrypts the digital signature done by the sender.
  • The hash of the original document is calculated by the receiver’s computer and compared with the computed hash of the now decrypted document.

The process of creating a digital signature is simple and straightforward for any user and for any business to use. Initially, you need a digital signing certificate, which can be procured through a trusted Certificate Authority like Wroffy Technologies. Once you download and install the certificate, you can efficiently utilize the digital signing feature of the suitable document platform.

Uses of Digital Signature Software

If manually signing papers are beginning to become irritating and you want to find a simpler way of doing it. These five advantages of digital signature will help to make the transition:

  1. Improved Security

Seemingly the most valuable part of utilizing a digital signature tool is cyber security. The chances are that the documents you are signing have some component of secrecy or significance and keeping that data and your confirmation of it through signature secure is essential. Paper variants of signed documents can get lost, and other internet-based adaptations are at risk of being attacked by cybercriminals. With the encryption feature of digital signature tools, you can relax knowing your signature is safe.

  1. Enhanced Workflow

Sending physical copies of the reports between the two working organizations can take weeks or even months. The digital signature application can help you to save time, and therefore, fortify the workflow. These features can help you sign the documents and assist you in filing, sorting document information, and submitting them online. These documents can be securely shared among the team members within an organization.

  1. Decreased Costs

Paper, printing, and various other expenses related to sending physical files can add up quickly in the organization’s costs. All of these expenses can be kept away with the digital signature application, speculation that will pay for itself over the long run.

  1. Improved customer relationship

These days, nearly everybody is accustomed to leading all business activities online. The digital signature application can assist you with sending contracts straightforwardly to your clients without anything to download or install. They can carefully sign their reports from any place that has a web connection. It will help to simplify the way of working within your organization and will further develop customer relationships.

  1. Globally Accepted

Digital signatures have been accepted worldwide and utilized among a wide array of enterprises to approve documents. Digital signature tools are not only advantageous but are additionally in compliance with international standards.

List of top 5 e-signature Software:


PandaDoc incorporates unlimited electronic signatures for each membership, in addition to a large number of other incredible document features, like a simplified drag-and-drop report developer, CRM integrations, and enhanced record analytics. PandaDoc’s electronic signatures are legally enforced and don’t need any special hardware or programs while signing records.

Zoho Sign

Zoho Sign is a secure, cloud-based digital signature application to sign your business papers or get them signed by others lawfully and track and deal with the documents online. You can sign files with its versatile applications and incorporate them with other applications utilizing REST APIs. It also offers custom signing options and enhanced features like layouts, bulk send, face-to-face signing, and form-based signature.


DocuSign is a cloud-based digital signature application for associations of all sizes and most ventures. Clients can upload files, e-mail them to the signers and suggest the order in which people should sign. Signature fields can be encrypted into sites, applications, and records.

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign allows clients to send, sign, manage and approve files and forms with trusted, lawful electronic signatures. It keeps business moving from any place, with the signing of records, requesting signatures, and interaction following from the web, cell phones, and inside applications utilized each day. Adobe Sign is not only about signatures; it also assists clients with accomplishing 100% digital report processes, including form creation, cooperation, and progressed workflows. Administrators can secure reports utilizing passwords and give role-based authorizations to guarantee protection from unapproved access.


HelloSign is a cloud-based stage intended to assist organizations in sending and receiving electronic signatures on records to comply with industry regulations. HelloSign incorporates vital features like customizable branding, e-mail notifications, workflow management, two-factor authentication, and audit trail. It includes logic and information validation capacity, which keeps signers from adding wrong information or missing fields in the forms.

Digital signature applications may appear excessively hi-tech and progressed to understand, yet they are unquestionably straightforward and convenient to utilize. In case your business work incorporates a lot of signing of documents within your organization or with the organization you are working with. Then it might be the right time for your organization to invest in digital signature software.

If you still feel a little confused regarding your choice of digital signature platform. Then at Wroffy, we’ve got a team of IT experts who go into each detail and help you figure out which platform is right for your organization.

At Wroffy, we combine all of the security highlights of digital signatures with the features of electronic signatures using our patented cloud-based technology. To know more about how we do this and if you still have any more questions. You can visit our website of Wroffy Technologies and contact our experts.

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