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CorelDRAW 2020 Has a New Version Now

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Who doesn’t want a good and presentable portfolio or a well-designed Blog? And for better design and graphics, the assistance of a better graphics suite is a must. CorelDRAW serves as an all-in-one graphics designing suite. The newest version of CorelDRAW was released on 13 March 2020. Its design is in a way that meets all the needs of the designers. 

It includes applications and tools for all your graphic needs. With it, we can draw and create amazing artwork.  

Let’s get to the point and discuss the features and benefits that CorelDRAW provides. 

Features of CorelDRAW 

  1. LiveSketch Tool 
  2. Font Filtering 
  3. Enhanced Previews 
  4. Gaussian blur feature 
  5. Clone tools 
  6. Corel Font Manager 

CorelDRAW Design Suite 2020 Benefits  

  1. Rich set of Features: This version of CorelDRAW provides a complete set of professional design tools, including the feature of editing photos, typography, and much more. It enables people to collaborate and stay in connection. 
  2. User-friendly: The suite includes applications having learning material. This enables a successful and easy start of work. 
  3. Creativity: The suite has many professional designing tools in it. These tools can help in creating unique logos and illustrations. 
  4. Productivity: The design of CorelDRAW 2020 is so that it enables efficient and timely work. It reduces the labor and enhances work progress. 
  5. Assistance: There are tutorials for first-time users. The tutorials are designed to assist and provide step-by-step instructions. 

Why should you upgrade to CorelDRAW 2020? 

CorelDRAW 2020 has come up with newer and better features as compared to the previous versions of CorelDRAW. Many services are updated in the new 2020 version giving you many reasons to upgrade the old version to the 2020 version. Here are some of the features which have been newly added to it: 

  • Automatic adjustment of thick and thin lines while making curves. 
  • The wrap tool to help easy wrapping of any label around a cylinder. 
  • Legless callouts tool that does not require any leader line. 
  • Automatic Hotspot 
  • Enhanced feature of Bitmap effects 
  • Artificial intelligence for the Art-style effects 
  • Comments doc to enable collaboration 
  • Facility to publish work directly to WordPress 
  • Variable Font Support for fine-tuning the font styles. 

Except these, New CorelDRAW Design Suite 2020 has Corel Power TRACE, which assists in tracing the Bitmap and improving it. The Art Style Fx enables you to stylize the image without violating the original content. With Al technology, it helps in the application of Bitmap as lenses for better precision. 

Why should you buy CorelDRAW Genuine Licenses? 

The CorelDRAW licenses provide many benefits to the users in terms of features and assistance. 

  • Services of collaboration to users. 
  •  Benefits of using SharePoint and direct access to the Document Management System. 
  • Perpetual license through which individual gets the authority to use that particular software version indefinitely. 
  • Vendor assistance with the technical issues and software updates. 

How to install CorelDRAW 2020? 

One can download CorelDRAW Software from The software is available in both versions, i.e., for Windows and Mac. The website offers a 15 days free trial (with limited features) and a paid product. While installing CorelDRAW, we need to take care of certain things: 

  1. We need to ensure a correct licensing number. 
  2. An ISO mounting software is a must while installing for any windows except 8 or 10. 
  3. Enough free space in the system. 
  4. Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or Higher. 
  5. Good working internet connection 

The step-by-step guide on how to install CorelDRAW 2020 is: 

  1. Close all the applications running in the background, including the antivirus. 
  2. Download the product from the official website 
  3. CorelDRAW offers three types of Installation, out of which you can choose one according to your desire. These are :
    • Typical Installation: automatically installs all the programs 
    • Custom installation: This Lets you choose the program of your choice 
    • Deployment: For multi-seat purchases. 
  4. Although the product is installed, you can modify and repair the installations like programs and product languages according to your needs. 

Why should you not use Crack or Pirated CorelDRAW? 

When software is copied illegally, it is called the crack version of that software. Such a version is not recommended for many firm reasons. First of all, piracy of anything anywhere is illegal. Secondly, using a crack version does not let you have access to the updates. The other big problem is that such versions tend to invade our systems’ privacy and put them to risk. On the other hand, buying an original version ensures safety, security, and technical support. 

Why should you not use Pirated Software? 

One may find pirated software cost-effective, but it poses your computer to risk and does not assist the user in any way. The major disadvantages of using pirated software include: 

  • It puts our computer system at risk of getting infected with viruses or malware. 
  • Risk of frequent cyber attacks 
  • It deprives you of getting basic technical support. 
  • The system is at high risk of getting hacked. 
  • You do not get any updates, which is why you need to re-install the software. 
  • It’s Illegal 

How to buy CorelDRAW Through Corel Authorized Partner  

The best way to buy this software is through a Coreldraw authorized partner. The Corel authorized partners can provide you a 100% genuine product licenses. Wroffy technologies is among one the leading Corel Partner in India that offers software licensing and compliance solutions. To buy coreldraw online visit – It offers IT solutions for all your IT requirements where the products are available at their best value.  

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Buy CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2023 and enjoy all the professional vector illustration, layout, photo editing and design tools you need to work faster …
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