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How to Migrate from IBM Notes to G Suite ?

ibm notes to gsuite migration
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If you are looking for Migration from IMB Notes to G Suite then you are at right place. GSMIN used to be known as Google Apps Migration for IBM Notes (GAMIN) and Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes (GAMLN). G Suite Migration for IBM Notes (GSMIN) tool helps you migrate data from IBM Notes to your G Suite account. The process of migration provides a easy way to transfer mail, calendar, contact and mail data. However, if you have the legacy edition of Google Apps, you need to upgrade to G Suite Basic edition or buy G Suite Basic for business before migrating as GSMIN is only available to G Suite users.

GSMIN G Suite migration tools perform functions like logging, reporting and delivering notifications. You would require super admin rights and a service account to handle the initial domain set up. The initial stage involves activating user profiles and provisioning resources. Once the basic set up is done, the process switches to Domino servers that are designed to run migrations. Opt for the latest version of Domino servers with a Microsoft Windows 2008 or later server. Mail files can be stored on an operating system that is compatible with IBM Notes. When using ServerXMLHttp, you can rely on Microsoft Core XML Services 6.0 to ensure a smooth migration.

G Suite Migration for IBM Lotus Notes ( View .Pdf )

The GSMIN utility tool only supports calendar data added to the system using a supported client. The GSMIN tool can detect the roaming status of all users. It uses the roaming server to migrate groups and contacts of roaming users. To access, a local address book as a non-roaming user, it is vital to synchronize the mail database with the local address book prior to migrating data.

G Suite is not compatible with contact groups and GSMIN retrieves the data as Google contacts. You can prevent this action by flattening the contact membership of the groups before starting the migration process. GSMIN supports specific Notes database types, including discussion databases and document libraries. You can easily transfer mail-in databases to your organization’s account with ease. The system converts Notes email addresses to SMTP. It performs this action using information appearing in the Domino directory.

To avoid corruption of email addresses during the run time process, GSMIN eliminates the phrase portion of display names from SMTP addresses. Google servers reject corrupt or missing characters in the display names.

GSMIN Components

G Suite Migration for IBM Notes (GSMIN) migration tool comes with a number of key architectural components designed to ensure a smooth and easy migration. The components make up the migration server. The utility’s configuration details are stored in the administration database while feeder databases handle email protocol conversion to MIME.

They provide the staging areas of email migration. The feeder databases also play an important role in managing migration of contact and calendar data. Log databases are responsible logging activities, such as user registration. Most events are handled by the administration database.

Change Management for End Users & You – Moving from IBM/Lotus Notes

Google and Google Partners, like Wroffy, have managed migration of thousands of users from IBM/Lotus Notes to G Suite Basic, Business and enterprise editions. The migration process is proven, efficient and provides zero data loss or downtime. The biggest challenge come while migrating Lotus Notes to G Suite is the change for your employee. Moving to Google Cloud is a big change for your IT Staff, Executives or any employee so you need to be prepared and educate them the value & benefits of shifting to Google Cloud.

Google’s G Suite Admin Console has a easy user interface and powerful features. Google also provides lots of resources, training and certification for new G Suite administrators to take full advantage of the Google Admin Console’s management capability as your company grows its use.

Cloud technology is changing the way people do business today. Wroffy is one of the oldest G Suite Reseller in India and have credit large G Suite deployments of thousands of users across multiple Locations & helped a range of SME’s find the perfect business emailing solutions they need in the cloud.  We specialize in adapting G Suite to your Organizational needs and deploys Google app for business with 24×7 support. Google For Work is a very influential yet uncomplicated tool to run any business, irrespective of its range-big or small.

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