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Get Free XP-Pen Star03 Graphic Drawing Tablet with CorelDRAW Upgrade

Good news for CorelDRAW users ! We are back with some fresh and exciting offer on CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 Upgrade. To value your investment, Corel Corporation is offering “One Time” opportunity to upgrade your CorelDRAW license from any version to latest version with 1-year maintenance at very attractive offer.

Get Free XP-PEN Star03 10″ Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet Drawing Tablet Battery-free Stylus Passive Pen

It’s time to give your mouse a rest and switch to a graphics tablet and stylus. This graphic tablet helps to draw amazing sketch or design and give a huge benefit over the mouse. It’s not just for intensive image editing; you can use this for many different purposes, like presentations, sketching, doodling design ideas, mind mapping, and any other task.

xpen free with coreldraw

This tablet allows more accurate control than a mouse and a perfect way to store digital sketches. Ideal for professional artist, creator as well as for beginner in all ages.

  • Advanced battery free stylus, comfortably, does not require charging and highlights your honourable environmental awareness
  • 2048-level pen press
  • 10 x 6 working area, all these make you feel as if you are drawing with a real pen on a real paper
  • Its automatic line correction and intelligent anti-shake functions come together to deliver a smooth creative experience for the user

How to setup the Star03 graphic tablet?

  • Please connect USB cable to computer and Star03 graphic tablet. The Star03 has support plug and play so when you plug Star03 into your computer the system will find a new hardware device and update it automatically then you can use the stylus to control the cursor. Please check and test it.
  • If had installed Star03 driver into your computer and your computer also ever installed the other graphic tablet/graphic tablet monitor’s driver, please remove all of them include Star03 driver and reboot.
  • When the system goes to the desktop, please install the Star03 Driver until completed, then reboot your computer again. (When you want to install Str03 driver, please try to DISABLE your antivirus and firewall before.)
  • When the system once goes to the desktop, you can see a small tablet icon in the task bar. If you can see it, it means Stat03 driver install complete.
Eligibility Criteria : 
  • Existing CorelDRAW license of any version
  • Customer will have to provide details of their existing license along with purchase proof
  • License number once upgraded will not be considered under offer
  • This offer is not av;ailable for Seriel Key users.
Terms & Conditions :
  • 18% GST Extra applicable
  • Orders to be processed through Wroffy Technologies Pvt. Ltd only.
  • XP-Pen Star03 will be free with each license and should be claimed separately once order is processed
  • Offer Validity: 25th Sept 2019

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